(Video) Boxing: SMH, Manny Pacquiao’s Aunt Claims Fight With Mayweather Was Fixed!

Manny Pacquiao sounded a bit delusional last night after he claimed he believed he won the fight. Well that delusional talk appears to have spilled over to his Aunt Lilia as well. There is nothing wrong with believing in yourself but when the fight ended it was clear who controlled it from the start. Manny’s Aunt seems to believe the reason the fight went down the way it did was because people were paid off.

(Video) Boxing: Manny Pacquiao’s Camp Attempts To Blame Loss On Injured Shoulder

Why did Manny Pacquiao and his camp have to reach for this immediately after the fight? It reeks of excuses and hurt pride, even if it’s true! After Manny Pacquiao lost a unanimous decision to Floyd Mayweather in what will go down as the biggest night in boxing, Pacquaio’s camp suddenly was referring to a shoulder injury he had suffered prior to the fight and that it played a major role in how the fight went down.

(Video&Photos) Boxing: Manny Pacquiao Thinks He Won The Fight, Evander Holyfield Agrees

Manny Pacquiao didn’t appear to take too many hard punches to his head, but after the fight he sure talked like he did. Manny was convinced he won the fight, despite a clear difference on scorecards and just watching it alone. Floyd controlled most of the fight while Pacquiao was only able to muster a few flurries in 3-4 rounds max. Well I respect a fighter is supposed to believe he won, there are instances like this where things are clear and you have to pay respect. Turns out Pacquiao is not the only great boxer who thinks he won. Evander Holyfield basically said the same thing and said Manny was the one who actually controlled things.

(Video) Boxing: Jamie Foxx Sings The National Anthem Before #MayPac Fight, Twitter Doesn’t Like It

Jamie Foxx put his own Gospel style twist on the Nation Anthem, complete with an organ in the background before the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight and judging from social media, his performance didn’t go over too well. Personally I thought he was decent, but it could have been better. All you have to do is search twitter right now and see all the shade being thrown Jamie’s way. Check out the video below in case you didn’t see it. How you think he did?

(Video) Boxing: WTF? Floyd Mayweather Walks To The Ring With Justin Bieber & The Burger King!

So does anyone want to explain to me why the hell the actual Burger King was with Floyd Mayweather as he walked down to the ring? Justin Bieber being there I understand. That’s Floyd’s friend I guess, but did Floyd sign some endorsement deal with the home of the whopper that I’m not aware of? When I first noticed it I almost died laughing and I am sure I wasn’t the only one. The entrance was somewhat low key, but the fact the King was looking over his shoulder will be memorable. Barely anyone noticed the Biebs.

(Video) Boxing: Jadakiss, Steph Curry, Dwyane Wade & More Share Their #MayPac Predictions

A sporting event like tonight’s mega fight between Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao is a once in a generation type of event. Every sports fan will remember where they were on May 2, 2015 for the rest of their lives. Floyd is the favorite, but Manny is well respected, which leaves many people with torn opinions as to who will win. Everyone seems to have a prediction and rightfully so.

(Video) Boxing: Freddie Roach Believes Foot Locker Ad Forced Mayweather To Fight Pacquiao

The big day is finally here as Floyd Mayweather is set to take on Manny Pacquiao in the biggest fight in boxing history. Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, believes that the first Foot Locker commercial featuring Manny had a lot to do with the contract eventually being signed.

(Photos) Boxing: Birdman Is Living That “StunnaLife”, Drops $1 Million On Mayweather To Beat Pacquiao

A fight of this historical proportion is going to bring everyone out to Vegas! Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are bringing in money that even to Vegas experts is extreme. The bets are flowing in fast and heavy, with Pacquiao getting more action than anyone expected. 50 Cent already said he dropped $1.6 million on Floyd and now another heavyweight in the hip hop game is dropping serious money as well. Birdman shared a picture of the $1 million cash he is putting on Floyd. Since the odds are in such favor for Floyd, that million will only get Stunna roughly $500,000, but considering it would be money for doing nothing, it is a win. Check the gallery!

(Video) Boxing: Elliott Wilson Sits Down With ASAP Rocky Who Gives Us His #MayPac Prediction

The GOAT of hip hop journalism, Elliott Wilson, recently did another segment of his #CRWN series, interviewing the biggest and most intriguing names in hip hop. This time the guest was ASAP Rocky during the Tribeca Film Festival. With the biggest fight in history on the horizon, it was only right the conversation eventually turned Mayweather and Pacquiao. Wilson asked Rocky straight up who he is going with and it’s safe to say he firmly believes in Floyd!

Boxing: HBO & Showtime Are Worried That Your Pay-Per-View Feed Could Drop During The #MayPac Fight

Imagine paying $99 dollars tonight to order the biggest fight in boxing history between Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao, and at some point during the fight your pay per view feed just drops. You would literally lose your mind and possibly throw your television out the window. Sounds like a stretch but HBO & Showtime execs are very scared at the threat of it happening due to too many orders being placed.

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