(Photo) Here We Go!!! Pic Of iPhone 6 At Factory Leaks!!!

These are the Posts I live for!! All I know is they’re testing the iPhone out, not much else to say but check it out and tell me what you think!!

Tesla Hires Former Apple VP For What?!

This is a dope move from a car maker, hiring Doug Field, former VP of Mac hardware engineering to be VP of vehicle programs(car hardware). Now that they’ve made this move, what Now?!

Here’s What The iPhone 5S And 5C REALLY Cost!!

This happens every time a new iPhone drops, a company named IHS finds out the bottom line $ it costs Apple to make the iPhone. Then we get an idea what they are charging us to make their profit.

LG Jumps Apple As the #2 Manufacturer In The U.S.

  LG is getting is pep back as word from  Yonhap News that data from Hong Kong-based that LG has jumped Apple as the #2   Manufacturer of cell phones/smartphones in the United States. After December the market shares show that LG has 13% of the market while Apple now has 12% of the market. This could be due to the recent release of the Google Nexus. In the mean time Samsung has a huge lead of  33% market share which could be larger once they release the Galaxy SIV.   YungJohnnybravo  x  TatWZA

Tech Talk News: Nielsen’s Says Apple And Android Are Both Officially #1!!!

How could this Be you say?? You’re wonder if there may be some type of tie??? NO, they Both are #1 in their own ways, But you have to hit the Jump for your Answers. +TatWZA

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