(Photos) Sports: Marcus Vick Says Soon People Will Be in Cop Killer, Kill a Cracker Mode


After the Michael Brown ruling and now the cop that killed Eric Garner going free, tensions are extremely high.  The Michael Brown case was bad enough because he was unarmed but the Eric Garner case resonated even more because it was caught on tape.  Garner expressed frustration over the cops continued harassment, he asked to be left alone, he then put his hands up and grasped for air while letting out his now infamous last words “I can’t breathe”.  The decision to let the chokehold officer Daniel Pantaleo go happened on the same day the NYPD debuted their new body cams, it has people saying “what’s the point?”  That’s the feelings Marcus Vick (brother of Mike Vick) expressed through his Twitter account but the wording was not ideal.

(Photos) NFL: Michael Vick’s Brother Marcus Slams PETA After Their Hateful Tweets


Though many New York Jets fans are very excited about the signing of quarterback Michael Vick, there are others who still have a huge disdain for him.

Sports: Marcus Vick, Brother of Michael Vick Arrested For Driving While High!

This news is just breaking. Obviously driving while high is not a technical term for an arrest, but its a fact. Vick was pulled over in Georgia overnight. The 29-year-old former Virginia Tech quarterback was driving a 2013 Lexus LX570 which was stopped around 2:30 AM for expired tags. During the stop Police smelled a strong odor of marijuana and arrested him for DUI. No word yet if he has been released or if he is still being held. This is far from the first time he has been in trouble with Police. It’s ashame too because at one point he was very talented but his focus was wrong.

NFL: SMH, He’s At It Again! Michael Vick’s Brother Rips Eagles Fans!

Again, social media isn’t for everyone. SMH.  Michael Vick’s brother once again took to Twitter & caused some controversy.  I’m sure Michael isn’t going to be happy about this (again).  I know Marcus is just sticking up for his brother, but sometimes some things just shouldn’t be said.  Michael is out with an injury and Marcus went off about Eagles fans (during the game yesterday) that don’t believe in his brother. Check out his tweets after the jump…

NFL: Marcus Vick Puts Bounty Out On Riley Cooper; Michael Vick Reacts!!

The madness that this man has created –  he deserves all the backlash he’s getting. Yesterday footage of Eagles WR Riley Cooper using a racial slur surfaced and the sports world went crazy. We saw many reactions yesterday including reactions from teammate Michael Vick and Lil Wayne. Well Michael Vick’s brother Marcus (who likes to create Twitter controversy) is up to his old antics. He put a bounty on Cooper’s head.  He later deleted his tweets and said he’s deleting his Twitter page, but it’s still there. Michael Vick was told about his brother’s bounty offer and responded to it.  Check out all the tweets & reaction after the jump…

NFL: Marcus Vick Compares Zimmerman Case To Michael Vick’s Case. What Do You Think?!

Someone should probably ban Michael Vick’s brother from Twitter.  Social media isn’t for everyone.  This is not what Michael Vick needed right now. Obviously people are not happy with Marcus Vick’s comments, but to be fair – he’s allowed to have an opinion.  The crazy part is that I’ve seen a lot of people calling Marcus names and saying he’s stupid, ignorant, etc — BUT I have seen people compare the two cases prior to his comments (see examples in gallery). Marcus Vick just took to Twitter to compare the Zimmerman case to his brothers’ legal troubles.  Check out what he had to say & weigh in!

NFL: Michael Vick’s Brother Back To Talking Sh*t On Twitter!

Oh lawd.  Here we go again.  How do we get Twitter taken away from this guy?!  Last November Michael Vick had to talk to his brother Marcus because he went on a rant about the Eagles on Twitter.  Looks like another talk may be coming.  SMH.

NFL: Michael Vick’s Brother Marcus Sentenced To Jail Time

More trouble for Michael Vick’s brother Marcus. The last time he made headlines, he got in hot water for going on a Twitter rant about the need for his brother Michael to be traded from the Eagles.  This time he’s legally in trouble and will spend some time in jail. Report after the jump… GameTimeGirl

NFL: SMH. Michael Vick’s Brother At It Again!! Marcus (Allegedly) Takes Shot At Andy Reid!

So much for Michael Vick putting a muzzle on his brother (no pun intended).  Michael Vick’s brother Marcus made headlines at the beginning of this month because he went on a Twitter rant saying that Vick should be traded from the Eagles.  Michael Vick was shocked and said he had a conversation with his brother and that it wouldn’t happen again. Welp, so much for that.  As we all know, the Eagles took another L yesterday which means some staff changes are more than likely to happen. Earlier today Marcus did take to Twitter again and although he doesn’t name names, most are assuming he’s talking about Andy Reid. GameTimeGirl

NFL: Michael Vick’s Brother Marcus Takes To Twitter Again To Address Twitter Rant!

With some time to think about it (and possibly a lecture from his big brother), Marcus Vick is sorry for what he tweeted on Monday night. GameTimeGirl

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