Man Commits Suicide To Avoid Jail Time

An American man was on trial in Taiwan for marijuana possession, and once he received his four-year sentence….he took his own life.

Microsoft Is Going Into The Marijuana Business

Weed never looked so corporate until now , so just what does microsoft have to do with your next joint. Microsoft is about to help the government the government regulate your weed. The Tech giants will use there new software “Azure Government” service will help ensure that legal sales of cannabis are above board.

(Photo) Wiz Khalifa Rolls Up To The Scene In A Rolls Royce

Last night on the House of Blues Sunset Strip, Wiz rolled up to the scene with his Rolls Royce, one of the cars he got in the settlement with Amber Rose.

All Summer 16: Top Five Weed Summer Tourist Destinations

Did you know that there are twenty U.S. states that have legalized medical marijuana and there are four states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Although weed is frowned upon by some people others are taking the opportunity to check out some of the states that you can smoke a little weed for recreational use and not get in any trouble for it. It’s called canna-tourism. Check out the story after the jump!

NFL: Ricky Williams Co-Founding World’s First Weed-Friendly Gym

Former NFL player Ricky Williams has always been a supporter of marijuana use and now he’s helping to open the world’s first weed-friendly gym in San Francisco this November.

San Francisco Will Soon Be Opening A Weed-Friendly Gym

San Francisco is on a new level when it comes to fitness. They are about to design the first weed-friendly gym. Power Plant Fitness, co-founded by 420 Games boss Jim McAlpine and retired NFL player Ricky Williams are looking to collaborate staying fit and stoned into one colossal movement.

NFL: Ravens LB Eugene Monroe Wants Marijuana In The NFL

That’s right, Monroe was the first active player to openly advocate for the use of cannabinoids in the NFL for pain relief. But it seems that Goodell is not having it. Keep reading.

Twista Gets Off The Hook For Marijuana Charge

Last week we reported that rapper Twista had been arrested to a Marijuana charge. Well he has since then beat the charge. The driver of the car has taken the rap for the weed. At the time of the arrest, all four passengers had went to jail due to the fact that no one claimed the weed.

Marijuana Grow Operations Found At Ohio Slaying Site

The latest updates in the brutal shooting that killed 8 family members in Ohio have been released. Investigators have found three marijuana grow operations near the Ohio slaying sites. Officials have not confirmed if the killings are drug related however there are intense speculations.

DEA Allows Research On Smoking Medicinal Marijuana!!

While the official/unofficial weed holiday 4/20 may have passed, it looks like marijuana enthusiasts might want to toke up again for this one.

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