(Video) NBA: Mark Cuban Says He Won’t Sell Mavericks: ‘What Do I Need $3 Billion For?’

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Imagine you get to the point where you say you don’t need $3 billion.  Those words were uttered by none other than Mark Cuban.

NBA: Mark Cuban Says He Would “Absolutely” Consider Being Hillary Clinton’s Vice President

Mark Cuban sounds like he is ready to throw his hat in the political ring when he said he would “absolutely” consider being Hillary Clinton’s running mate for the democratic party.

(Video) NBA: Kevin Durant Calls Mark Cuban An “Idiot” After He Says Russell Westbrook Isn’t A Superstar

Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder finished off the Dallas Mavericks last night, winning 118-104 to close out the first round series. For his part, Westbrook was a monster with 36 points, 12 rebounds and 9 assists but prior to the game, Mavs owner Mark Cuban claimed Westbrook was only an all-star and not a superstar and Durant made it very clear what they think of Cuban after the game.

(Photo) NBA: Mark Cuban Posts Letter For Fans to Give to Their Boss to Leave Early For Mavs Playoff Game

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Mark Cuban is the funniest and one of the most engaged owners in the NBA.  After the Dallas Mavericks stole homecourt in game 2, beating the Oklahoma City Thunder in a 85-84 thriller, Mavericks fans are excited for game 3 in Dallas.  The game starts at 6 pm CDT (7 pm EST) and some people might arrive to the American Airlines arena a little late after leaving work.  Cuban posted a letter to excuse fans from work early so they can view his special, elaborate pregame speech.

(Video) NBA: Mark Cuban Says The NBA Needs More Villains


Despite the Warriors record pace this season and Steph Curry hitting shots from the parking lot, the NBA as a whole hasn’t been that exciting. There are only a handful of teams that are legit contenders and most of the players seem more interested in being friends instead of hardcore competitors. Mavs owner Mark Cuban says what the NBA is missing to get the edge back and bring some excitement is having villains in the league. He referenced how when Lebron went to Miami they were looked at as villains and overall it was good for the league. Since nobody seems to be able to beat the Warriors I guess they could be considered villains to the rest of the league.

NBA: Mark Cuban Wants The League To Move Back The Three Point Line

Mark Cuban has been around the game for a long time and he sees how it’s changing. It’s much more a shooter’s type league now and he thinks its time the league itself adapts. With that said, he feels the time is right to push back the three point line and judging by how many shots are flying from long range nowadays, he may be right!

(Audio) NBA: Mark Cuban Says Khloe Kardashian Never Reported Alleged Racism in Dallas to Him

Mark Cuban says neither Khloe Kardashian nor Lamar Odom ever reported any sort of racist incidents to the team during Odom’s stint with the Mavericks despite Khloe’s claims that she encountered racism in Dallas with people berating her for being in an interracial marriage.

(Video) NBA: Mark Cuban Says “I Don’t Give A Sh*t About The Clippers”, Reminds Them They Have No Rings

Mark Cuban really doesn’t give a sh*t about the Clippers, just ask him, he’ll tell you. In fairness to Cuban, he did warn the media he really didn’t want to talk about them or the DeAndre Jordan situation as the teams prepared to face off last night for the first time since the free agent debacle.

(Video) NBA: Mark Cuban Says Doc Rivers’ Professional Life Would’ve Been Over if DeAndre Jordan Left


DeAndre Jordan’s free agency debacle was the talk of the summer and apparently the two teams aren’t done trading quips just yet.  Jordan had agreed to a deal with the Dallas Mavericks but later backed out and re-signed with the Los Angeles Clippers after they literally travelled to his home and staged a sit in.  Jordan later apologized to Mavericks owner Mark Cuban for reneging on their deal but Cuban didn’t accept the apology and apparently he’s still bitter as he and Clippers coach and president of basketball operations, Doc Rivers continue to go in on each other.

NBA: Mark Cuban on Running For President: ‘I Can Beat Hillary Clinton & Crush Donald Trump’

When it was announced that Donald Trump would run for president, everyone thought it was a colossal joke.  Fast forward a few months later and Trump is leading the GOP race, and it’s a significant lead at that.  Suddenly things that were once a political killer – massive wealth, limited governing experience, even ego-bursting levels of narcissism – have been turned into strengths.  Now there’s another billionaire with those some traits who’s considering throwing his hat in the ring, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

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