NBA: Mark Cuban Still Doesn’t Believe Russell Westbrook Is A Superstar

photo credit Mark Cuban definitely didn’t become a billionaire by being a dummy yet he seems to be one of the only people who isn’t smart enough to realize how much of a superstar player that Russell Westbrook is. You may remember back in April when the Thunder were facing the Mavs in the first round of the playoffs, Cuban said a true superstar can carry a mediocre roster to 50 wins and a postseason series win. He noted that the Thunder failed to make the playoffs in 2014-15, when Kevin Durant missed most of the season because of a foot injury. Cuban was wrong then and is still wrong now for trying to stand behind his original comments.

NBA: Mark Cuban Offers Season Tickets & More to Black Army Vet That Got Snubbed at Chili’s

On Veteran’s Day Chili’s was giving away free meals to veterans.  What was supposed to be a good deed turned into a horrific incident when a black army vet had his food taken away by a Chili’s manager in Dallas.  Now Mark Cuban is ready to give him so much more.

(Photos) NBA: Mark Cuban Makes Donald Trump A $10 Million Dollar Offer To Interview Him

Mark Cuban is not a fan of Donald Trump and he has seen time and time again, how Trump always ducks tough questions or how sometimes people who interview him just plain take it easy on him. Cuban is tired of the rhetoric that Trump has been spewing and wants the chance to interview him for real. Since Trump understands money, Cuban made him an offer that he shouldn’t refuse but we all know he will.

(Photos) Sports: Is Mark Cuban’s NBA 101 Class Sexist?

The Dallas Mavericks apparently hold an NBA 101 class specifically for women annually. This year though…Twitter flipped out regarding the sexist title.

(Photos) Sports: Mark Cuban Supports Colin Kaepernick For Protesting Peacefully

Colin Kaepernick caused a firestorm when he sat in protest during the national anthem, saying he is “not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color.”  Some people rebuked the move, saying he was disrespecting the military that fought for his freedom and the country that gave him the ability to make millions; others praised him for using his platform to speak up and bring attention to the discrimination and inequality.  Mark Cuban was one of the people who spoke up for the San Francisco 49ers quarterback.  Though the Dallas Mavericks owner doesn’t fully agree with Kaepernick’s form of protest, Cuban praised him for showing that protest can be peaceful.

(Video) NBA: Mark Cuban Says He Won’t Sell Mavericks: ‘What Do I Need $3 Billion For?’

Imagine you get to the point where you say you don’t need $3 billion.  Those words were uttered by none other than Mark Cuban.

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