(Video) NBA: Larry Bird Defends Stephen Curry & Says He is Our Best Player

I want to start off by saying Mark Jackson’s comments were blown way out of proportion simply because many people want to play off the bitter ex-coach angle.  In any event, Larry Bird was asked about the comments and didn’t berate Jackson but also spoke up to Curry’s greatness.

(Video) NBA: Former Warriors Coach Mark Jackson Thinks Steph Curry Is Hurting The Game

At first glance, this might sound like alot of salty hate from a coach who helped build the current Warriors team but doesn’t get any credit. In reality however, this is far from that. Mark Jackson mentioned last night that Steph Curry is hurting the game but he didn’t mean much by it, he just worded himself horribly. He then did his best to explain what he meant and it started to make sense.

(Video) NBA: Mark Jackson Gets Emotional & Tears Up as Warriors Win Western Conference Finals

Say what you want about Mark Jackson but he was truly a class act on Wednesday night.  Jackson played an integral role in bringing the Golden State Warriors from the bottom of the Western Conference to the top.  Unfortunately he was fired last year due to issues with the front office.  He returned to his previous job as a color commentator and was chosen by ESPN to cover the Western Conference Finals between the Houston Rockets and his old team the Warriors.

(Video) NBA: Chris Rock Jokes to Mark Jackson That Now Steph Curry Wants to Play Defense For the White Man

Comedian Chris Rock often makes jokes involving race, some have truth to them, and some are just in good fun, like this one for example.  Rock appeared in a tribute video wishing former Warriors head coach Mark Jackson a happy 50th birthday.  In the video, he joked about Stephen Curry and the Warriors improved defense under new coach Steve Kerr.

(Photos) NBA: Steph Curry & Andrew Bogut Take Shots At Former Coach Mark Jackson For His MVP Comments

Straight up, some of these athletes need to stop acting like girls and being so emotional about things. So what if a fan or coach or analyst doesn’t agree with your way of thinking. Is everyone supposed to think the exact same way and agree on everything related to your career just so you can feel better about yourself? Man f*ck that! As you can see I am sick of athletes (and rappers) getting upset just cause someone doesn’t share the same opinion as them. Steph Curry and Andrew Bogut both took shots at Mark Jackson because he said James Harden would be his MVP this season.

(Video) Sports: Mark Jackson Rips NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell About Deflate Gate & More

The Super Bowl will take place next Sunday between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks but instead of beefing up the war between the two teams, a dark cloud hangs over the league (yea another one).  This time it’s Deflate Gate; the Patriots are accused of deflating their footballs prior to the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts in which they won 45-7.  Everyone has been weighing in with their opinion including NBA color commentator Mark Jackson.

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