(Video + Photo) 9 People Killed After Truck Plows Into Berlin Christmas Market

Today a truck collided into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin. Nine people were killed and over fifty were injured. Authorities believe this is a terror attack. Isis reportedly claimed responsibility. The suspects driver has been arrested. The other person inside of the car died.

(Video) Tech: Obama Urges FCC To Change The Cable Box To Enhance Competition

The Obama administration is pushing to change the cable box by expanding its capabilities to grow the market for other companies to include their services and enhance competition.

Was Rick Ross’ Album Pulled From Walmart Due To Terroristic Donald Trump Line?

When Rick Ross’ latest album Black Market only did 57K copies in it’s opening week (an unusually low number for his eight album career), it started to raise some questions as to why it sold poorly for Ross. Now, apparently it could be due to the fact that someone filed a complaint to Walmart (the biggiest carrier of physical CD’s) to not carry Ross’ album because of a terroristic line aimed at presidential candidate Donald Trump. Hit the jump for the full story.

“Is That A Rock Or A Brick?” 50 Cent Clowns Rick Ross For Only Selling 34K Albums

He’s not done! He probably never will be either…but 50 is back at it with his relentless mocking of Rick Ross’ persona, career, and now album sales for his new album Black Market. Hit the jump to see the insults Fif had this time around for the “Bawse”.

Marijuana Could Become A $35 Billion Market By 2020 If Legalized Nationwide

If legalized nationwide, marijuana could become a $35 Billion dollar market by the year 2020. Analysts are believing that the marijuana industry could provide a needed boost to the American economy. Read more on the story after the jump!

(Photos) Scarface Estate Is Still On The Market For $35 Million!

The infamous Scarface estate is still on the market for 35 million in California. Read more on the story and check out photos of the estate in the gallery!

(Photos) China Already Has Fake iPhone 6’s That Work?!

I guess the thirst is either too real in China, or they really want to hurt the U.S. that bad that they would put a bunch of clone’s in the field to hurt Apple’s sales in the Chinese market! 0_o

NBA: 20% Stake of the Brooklyn Nets on the Market

I wonder who will pick this up???  Yes, 20% stake of the Brooklyn Nets is on the market.  Too bad I’m broke like a joke.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Hit the jump for details…

(Photo) Eminem Covers Billboard Magazine!

With the leak of Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP 2, we’ve heard mixed reviews. Nov. 5, you can grab you a copy of the album, and follow-up with Billboard Magazine Nov. 9. Eminem snagged the cover and the headline reads, The Making And Marketing Of A Rap God’s Return. Once all is said and done, you can decide if the album’s rise or fall was due to how it was made and marketed. Hit the jump for more.

HUH….Hipsters Drive Up Beer Prices Because Of WHAT?!

We often don’t thank hipsters for anything and that trend will probably continue because they are raising beer prices for everyone. Keep reading to find out why beer prices are going up.

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