(Photos) Alexis Sky Officially Joins Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood; Masika Reportedly Refuses To Film With Her

Fetty Wap is going to be yet another storyline on Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood this season! If you’ll recall, last season Masika Kalysha returned to the show, and her storyline was based around having a child with Fetty – who even agreed to be in a couple of scenes. Now this season, his other ex Alexis Sky is joining after moving from Atlanta! This should be interesting. Reports say that filming began yesterday, and reportedly, Masika is NOT with the shits. She herself even tweeted that she refuses to help someone else be relevant – and I’m with her on that one. If Alexis’ whole story is based around beefing with Masika on this season, she needs a better hustle.

(Photo) UPDATE: Masika Kalysha Drags Nia Guzman For Rooting For Soulja Boy In Midst Of Beef

In midst of the whole Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown beef, Chris’s baby mother Nia Guzman has openly shared her support for Soulja Boy. As recently reported, Nia took to Instagram with a photo of her daughter Royalty and tagged Mayweather, who is currently training Soulja Boy. Fetty Wap’s baby mother, Masika Kalysha has now spoke on the photo saying Nia is totally out of line.

(Fellas Check The Pics) Masika Kalysha Is Setting A CRAZY Thirst Trap! OMG!

Fellas, hit the gallery and enjoy!

(Photo) Celebrities Chime In On Chris Brown Stand Off

Along with fans a few stars have chimed in on Chris Brown’s current situation. Erica Mena and Masika Kalysha have spoke on the situation also asking for authorities to back off of Brown.

(Video) Fetty Wap Will Be Appearing On Love And Hip-Hop

Looks like we will be hearing a lot more on what truly went down between Masika and Fetty Wap as he will now be premiering in the show. Im a little shocked. I was NOT expecting Fetty to make this move.

(Photos) Fetty Wap Brings Both Of His Girlfriends Together

Fetty Wap is out here living the dream. His love life has been a focal point of his career for the last year, as he’s been linked to multiple women in seemingly serious relationships, including Atlanta model Alexis Sky, his hometown girlfriend Yaya, his one-year-old daughter’s mother Lezhae, and reality star Masika Kalysha, who recently welcomed a daughter with him as well.

(Video) Alexis Sky Discusses Her Relationship With Fetty Wap; Masika Responds

Alexis Sky was popular on social media for being a pretty face and a stripper prior to her relationship with Fetty Wap, but she’s become much more known for the latter in the last year. Now in her first formal interview, the Atlanta resident has opened up about her [many] ups and downs with the New Jersey rapper. It’s kind of sad to watch, as the young woman explains that she’s okay with him cheating as long as she “doesn’t find out,” calls Masika Kalysha‘s pregnancy a “one night stand that she lucked up on,” how she met Fetty years back through her then-boyfriend and more. It has since prompted a response from Masika, and she sounds equally as delusional. Fetty has these girls under a spell! Check out the interview and the back-and-forth with Masika below.

Fetty Wap Dropped $20K On Masika And New Baby

Look like NJ rapper Fetty Wap is ready to give co-parenting a try with his latest baby mama Masika. After flat out denying their baby when she first announced she was carrying his seed, Fetty Wap recently apologized to the mommy-to-be via Twitter saying,

“everything may not b okay but I want what’s best for the baby so I apologize ?”

Masika accepted the apology and the two were spotted recently doing some shopping for the baby. While out in L.A., Fetty reported dropped over $20K on baby clothes, toys and furniture at fancy baby shop, Petit Tresor. Masika and Fetty Wap’s baby is expected to arrive this spring Maybe this will have a happy ending. Click the gallery for more.

(Video) Oh? Masika Kalysha Supported Fetty Wap Backstage At His Show Last Night

It has been a rocky road for Masika Kalysha and Fetty Wap over the last 8 months or so. The pair met back in July at a concert in Los Angeles, and according to reports, an intense but VERY BRIEF “relationship” of sorts blossomed…and resulted in Masika getting pregnant. Fast forward to now, and the two have gone at it over the child’s paternity, stopped speaking, blasted each other and publicly apologized – all in the course of a few months. Now they’re apparently on such great terms, they were spotted together at a concert in Los Angeles last night! (That seems to be their thing, huh?) This is great news to hear, as it’s never great to bring a child into this world with negative energy surrounding him or her! Hopefully the two can continue to get along, and co-parent successfully throughout their child’s life!

(Photo) Fetty Wap Sends An Apology To Masika Kalysha And Their Unborn Child

Fetty Wap and Maskika Kalysha have been going through it for some time now. Between the Twitter arguments and Instagram posts, I’m sure a lot of people were hoping these two made up for the better. After all, Masika is pregnant with Fetty’s child. All of that stressing is not good for the baby.

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