(Video) NBA: Master P Wants to be an NBA Coach & Comments on LaVar Ball

Master P has done just about everything, rapper, producer, actor, filmmaker, author, business owner, and has even played in the NBA.  Now the mogul wants to tackle another task, becoming an assistant coach with the New Orleans Pelicans.

(Video) NBA: Master P Ready To Coach Pro Ball?

You read right! Master P is not bitter about his short NBA stint. He is ready to put on his coaching whistle and get it poppin…somewhere!

(Photo) Master P Speaks On Solange’s Album And Staying Independent

Solange has recently released her new album ‘A Seat at the Table’ and everyone is going crazy. Master P and Solange actually have been working together on music. Master P is now speaking on the album, comparing it to his own rise to stardom and doing it independently.

(Video) Master P Tells Chris Brown To Get All These ‘Yes Men’ From Around Her

Master P says he was asked about the Chris Brown situation. He states his opinion saying Chris Brown should get away from all the yes men in his circle.

(Video) NBA: Romeo Miller Offers Damian Lillard Record Deal With No Limit Forever

After releasing his latest single “Talk to Em”, Damian Lillard’s manager says major record labels are vying to sign the Portland Trail Blazers star.  Well here’s one of them.

(Video) NFL: Master P Disputes Tyrann Mathieu’s Claim Of Rap Being To Blame For New Orleans Violence

Tyrann Mathieu has made a name for himself in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals but before he was a household name, he was just a kid from the New Orleans area who found a way out. After the horrific murder of former Saints player Will Smith earlier this week, Mathieu went off on twitter, saying he knew the shooter and called him a “hater” and “Coward” but he also singled out hip hop music for the message it has spread in his hometown. He wants rappers to be more positive and while Master P can agree with a positive message, he doesn’t agree with Mathieu that hip hop is to blame.

(Video) Master P’s New Artist Looks & Sounds Just Like Future

New artists, same music. I thought Desiigner had that title…looks like Master P has himself a new artist in “MoeRoy” and hip-hop has another Future. Oh but there’s a twist to him…he dances like Michael Jackson. No one dances like Michael Jackson. Hit the jump.

Master P Explains The Reason He Canceled His New Years Eve Show In Dubai

Master P recently had a show in Dubai. While that sounds super fun, a Master P show in Dubai, things didn’t go so smoove. Master P canceled the show due to funny business that was done with the promoters. He claims that they were promoting things that were not true and that they breached their contract. P was not having that.

(Video) Master P Talks About The Importance Of Authenticity In The Rap Game

Master P has been apart of the entertainment game since the 1990’s. He is not new to this. From rapping, to acting, to just being a business man in general, P can definitely give a bunch of insight on how this game works as he did during a recent interview.

(Video) NBA: Master P Changes His Tune, Now Praising Kobe Bryant

Master P has been firing alot of shots in the direction of Kobe Bryant over the past month but he may be ready to fall back a bit. First it was the nonsense about Kobe being a fake friend towards Lamar Odom. That was followed by P claiming be could beat Kobe one on one (and he was serious) which prompted twitter to question what the hell is going on in this guy’s brain lately. He sounds like he has comes to his senses and now has nothing but praise for the Mamba.

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