(Video) Female Ted Cruz Lookalike Agrees To Do Porn For Some Serious Cash

Today in weird news we have an odd case of cashing in on 5 minute fame. Searcy Hayes appeared on the Maury show which aired on Monday April 18th. By Monday night she went viral after viewers compared her to be the female twin of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Hayes went on the show in typical Maury fashion of her fiancee accusing her of cheating, resulting in a DNA test to prove their 3 month old baby was indeed his.

(Video) Man Hits The Dab As Soon As Maury Tells Him He Is NOT The Father

There is nothing quite as exciting as hearing Maury tell a father-in-question that he is indeed NOT the father. As for Steve, when it comes to 10-month-old Jeremiah, Maury Povich broke the news that he was not the dad to the little boy. Instead of being sad, Steve instead decided to hit his dab when receiving the life changing news. As much as it is probably horrible to laugh at such a thing, it is extremely comical none-the-less. Check out the video clip below.

You ARE The Father: Maury May Be Getting Down To The Bottom Of Rachel Dolezal’s Biological Parental Issues!

Former President of the NAACP Spokane, Washington chapter Rachel Dolezal has been under fire ever since her “biological” parents came out and put her on Front Street about not being African-American. However, Rachel continues to deny that they’re her blood parents, although they have submitted her birth certificate on numerous instances. It looks like the #1 baby daddy finder in the world, Maury Povich, may be getting the last hoo-rah of this #AskRachel sh*t show. The Executive Producer for the Maury Show Paul Faulhaber has been apparently trying to get Rachel and her parents to come on the show so they can perform a DNA test to prove once and for all whether or not her the white folk are her parents. During a recent interview with NBC, Rachel still will not come clean that those are her parents. “I haven’t had a DNA test. There’s been no biological proof that Larry and Ruthanne are my biological parents,” she explained. On that note, Maury should be able to take care of that DNA testing issue in NO time! Do you think that Rachel will take that risk and go on Maury? Sound off below.

Baby Girl Is Found Dead The Same Day Parents Were Going On ‘Maury’ For Paternity Test!

A baby girl is found dead on the same day that her parents from Ohio were planning to go on ‘Maury’ for a DNA paternity test. Read more on the story below!

Fashion: Ninteenth Letter Chicago “Paternity Test Tee” of FW14 – Available Now

The paternity test tee from Ninteenth Letter Chicago with the owner also known as Sergio Scott is one of the sickest long-sleeve tees out at the moment and if you haven’t heard of the tee then now you know. The paternity test features the classic saying from Maury “You Are The Father. Very humorous tee yet will obviously keep the eyes on you at any function I bet you. If you walk in a party with the tee on someone is going to ask you where you got it from or compliment you on the concept of the tee. If you would like to purchase you may from the brand’s official website. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the Paternity Test Tee.

(Video) 5 Maury Moments That Will Have You Dying!!!

Maury has many awkward moments on his show, ones that are unbelievable, but certainly makes us laugh! If you are having a bad day, hit the jump this may uplift your spirits! Either your life is better than the people in the following videos or you may just want a good laugh. Steph B

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