No More Size 2 In 2030!!!!

Doctors project that in 2030, size 12 will be the new size 2. So, take the Oreo Triple Double and love your reflection! Fat is the new thin. Details after the jump! Emma RABID

Tech Talk News: Hacking Plan Uncovered With Happy Meal Purchase!!

It’s common knowledge that McDonald’s is unhealthy for your waistband. But, when one man made his Happy Meal purchase, his hacking plan suffered bad health as well. Details after the jump. Tat WZA WZA on Google+ X Emma Rabid

Tech Talk WiFi: See How McDonald’s Show That PC’s Are Wack!!!

1st I want to say, I Mos def like the Pic above, in fact I like that Pic more than I actually like Mcdonald’s Food!! 2nd, let me say the Menu after the jump says it all about PC Vs. Mac!!!! Tat WZA

McDonald’s No Longer The World’s Largest Restaurant Chain!!!??

What!!??? McDonald’s isn’t the largest food chain!!?? I swear I see them everywhere!!! Guess what the largest food chain is now!!??? @Ash_Bankz

(Photo) McDonald’s Adds Another Item to Their Menu: McLobster!

Ummmm…McYUCK! Even if I didn’t spend hours puking my guts out after I eat any type of shellfish…LOL…I would not touch lobster from McD’s ever. Eek! Would you??? Have any of you tried today?? Thoughts!!! @MarisaMendez

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