Kanye West’s Medical Records Breached By Staff At UCLA

Some of the staff couldn’t help themselves and helped themselves to Kanye’s medical records once and during his stay was complete. Looks like there’s going to be some firings this year…

(Photo) NFL: Jason Pierre-Paul Suing Adam Schefter For Tweeting His Medical Records

News spread that Jason Pierre-Paul injured his fingers while playing with fireworks on the Fourth of July.  There were rumors that he lost a finger but no one was quite sure if he did or how many then ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter got ahold of JPP’s medical records and posted them on Twitter.  Schefter found himself under fire with many people upset that he went so far.  Well now JPP is apparently taking action.

“Stand Your Ground” – NO – George Zimmerman Will Be Claiming Self Defense At Trial

Mark O’Mara, George Zimmerman’s attorney informed the judge today that the “Stand Your Ground” hearing will not be necessary. No separate hearing will take place and come June of this year, Zimmerman’s defense will be self-defense. O’Mara also wanted the medical records of the female witness that Trayvon Martin was on the phone with during the time of the shooting. The female claims that the reason she didn’t show up to the funeral of Martin was because she was in the hospital. Bubbles burst, because the girl lied – she never was in the hospital. What does her medical records have to do with Zimmerman? This girl being on the phone with Trayvon has to do with why Zimmerman shot the kid? Drop down bottom for more on what’s happening.

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