Toya Wright To Pay MempHitz $8k In Divorce Settlement

Toya Wright and Memphitz have come to an agreement in their divorce settlement, after Toya filed for divorce this year, following 5 years of marriage. Prior to her filing, the couple had been on the outs for at least a year, and documented some of their struggles recently on the we TV show, Marriage Bootcamp. A prenup was in place, which stated that neither party can seek alimony if they were to divorce, and that both are to keep all personal items they had prior to getting married. If you’d like to be nosy, the prenup also listed their financial status, and Toya‘s assets were around $1.1 million and her liabilities were only $230k, leaving her with a net worth of $864k. As for Memphitz, his assets totaled $1.3 million with liabilities totaling $377k, for a net worth of $981k.

(Photo) Memphitz Apologizes To Toya Wright After His Marriage Boot Camp Explosion

After his huge blow up on ‘Marriage Bootcamp,’ Memphitz is now apologizing to his wife Toya Wright. Memphitz blew up so bad he ended up tossing a plate of food at his wife.

(Video) SMH: Memphitz & Toya Wright Go At It On Marriage Boot Camp!

Memphitz and Toya Wright used to be the picture perfect couple when they were newly weds, but apparently things have drastically changed. Not only are the two in a rough patch, but they are now on the TV Show Marriage Boot Camp. Things blew up and let’s just say… you should definitely check it out. Hit the jump to see!

Toya Wright Is About To Be Super Single!

After admitting last year that she allows her husband 8 hall passes a year to cheat looks like Memphitz wont be getting any hall passes, well not from Toya at least.

Memphitz Missed Police Guns By An Inch Following Death Threat Accusations

Early Wednesday morning, police were called by producer Memphitz’ landlord, following a heated dispute between the two. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Fix It Jesus: Toya Wright Allows Memphitz An Annual 8-Day Cheating Pass

While I totally understand why most men would be perfectly fine with this, I’m not understanding why any woman would allow such foolery into their home. Toya Wright allows Memphitz a cheating pass as revealed on an upcoming episode of Untying the Knot – the reason their probably on the show to begin with. Find out more after the jump.

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