Amanda Bynes Deemed Competent Enough To Stand Trial For DUI

Though Amanda Bynes is still receiving treatment for her mental illness (as she’s been diagnosed with Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder,) a judge has deemed her mentally capable of understanding the nature of the criminal charges she faces for her DUI, so it will now go forward. However, it is highly unlikely the case will go before a jury. Instead, it will probably just end up as a plea bargain. As previously reported, Amanda will be released from her mental health facility before the holidays, but will remain in a conservatorship for some time.

Amanda Bynes To Be Released When?

Amanda Bynes has been in a Malibu rehab facility since September, getting treatment and psychological counseling, and it appears she’s finally much better. Doctors revealed plans to release Amanda to her mom next month, who will then take her to the family house and provide supervision. Looks like she’ll be home for Christmas! “Aside from the fact that the meds and therapy appear to be working, doctors are concerned that Amanda is going stir crazy,” TMZ reports. “She’s not allowed to go outside because paparazzi are hanging out at the facility and the staff is worried if Amanda is around other patients and pictures are taken, it will compromise the others.”

(Photo) NFL: Brandon Marshall Selling His Illegal Green Cleats From Thursday Night’s Game

The NFL is seriously No Fun! Their policies regarding the smallest things are just idiotic. Bears receiver Brandon Marshall was advised ahead of time he would be fined by the league if he wore his green cleats during their game against the Giants last night. The only thing is he was wearing them for a good cause. The color green is a symbol for mental health awareness week. Marshall himself was diagnosed with a personality disorder back in 2011, so this was meaningful for him. The NFL will more than likely fine him more than $10,000 for the offense, which went against “uniform policy”. Give me a break. If the league was somehow making money off of it however I guarantee you it would of been no problem. Well now Marshall is taking it even further and is selling the shoes on Whatever the winning bid is, that money will be donated to Marshall’s foundation, which is dedicated to helping people with mental illness. The bid is open until this Monday, and currently they are at $2,000. Hit the jump for more.

Mother Who Drowned Her 3 Kids Looking To Claim Their Estate

Leatrice Brewer who drowned her 3 children 1,5,and 6 years old back in 2008, claiming she saved them from voodoo, is now asking for a pice of the children $350,000 estate.

Amanda Bynes’ Condition Officially Diagnosed

She was on her worst behaviour, word to Drizzy, and now doctors know why. Amanda Bynes has officially been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. “She does indeed have schizophrenia and bipolar disorder,” source close to her family confirmed. “It was what Amanda’s parents, Rick and Lynn, had suspected all along. Nevertheless, it was difficult to process for Amanda’s parents. The bright side is that Amanda can lead a long, normal life, as long as she takes her medication. Doctors at the treatment facility are still working to get Amanda therapeutic meds and she’s responding to the medications she is being given to treat her dual diagnosis.” So glad to hear she’s going to be okay!

Amanda Bynes Gets Choosey & Flips The Script On Rehab Center

Amanda Bynes has decided to leave the UCLA Medical Center, where she was getting treatment for a serious mental illness…but don’t worry! She will still be getting treated, only this time, it’s at a much fancier rehab center in Malibu, known for catering to fellow celebrities. Unfortunately, this place doesn’t have psychiatric facilities nearly as good as UCLA, and people around her are pretty surprised the move was okay’d, considering she’s under a tight LPS hold. Amanda is not wearing her wig and is “paranoid” the paparazzi will find her, sources say, so apparently this move helped to calm her. I just hope that she gets the help she needs, paps around or not!

Amanda Bynes’ Mother Drops Bid For Permanent Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes’ mother has dropped her bid to secure a conservatorship over her mentally unstable daughter, but it’s not because she’s giving up or doesn’t care. Fact is, Amanda is currently on an LPS hold in the psych ward, which means doctors have more secure control over Amanda than her mother would have with a conservatorship, so there’s no need to keep fighting in court. There’s talks she’ll be staying until 2015 as well, so there shouldn’t be trouble for some time. Still though, doctors have given Amanda’s mom the power to make medical and financial decisions for her daughter under the LPS hold.

Amanda Bynes’ Doctors Want Her To Stay Hospitalized Long Term

Amanda Bynes is still currently under a psychiatric stay at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, and doctors are gearing up to submit a recommendation to the judge that she needs long-term hospitalization. The troubled actress is currently under a temporary conservatorship of her mother, and a hearing on September 30th will determine if it will be made permanent. “There has been some improvement,” a source said on her condition. “However, her diagnosis is complex, and the appropriate drug cocktail to treat her hasn’t been achieved yet.” “Therefore, her treatment team believes Amanda would benefit from prolonged treatment at UCLA, for at least the rest of the year. She has her good days and bad days, and the goal is obviously to get her therapeutic and stable before being released. Lynn needs to be granted permanent conservatorship because Amanda wouldn’t agree to continue with treatment.”

(Video) Father Kills His Sons And Tells Wife “You’re Going To Live With This” Before Committing Suicide!

Isidro Zavala strangled his two sons (12 and 11 years old) to death in his Florida home. After he killed the boys, his wife asked “Why don’t you kill me?” and he responded, “You’re going to have to life with this” before killing himself. I’m not sure what’s more disturbing, the fact that he committed these acts or the fact that he wanted his wife to suffer for the rest of her life. Click below for more details.

Amanda Bynes Dropped By Publisher, Agent, & Entertainment Lawyer

Amanda Bynes seems to be spiraling out of control right in front of our eyes and now she seems to have no team behind her. The actress has been dropped by her management team, including her publisher, agent, and entertainment lawyer. Her former team all said that Amanda was their dream client and then became hard to work the past 12 months. Amanda has also cut off communication to her team after they attempted to get her the mental help she clearly needs. Hopefully someone can reach her and save her mentally before she goes more off the deep end, hurts herself, or hurts someone else by her antics. Read more below. Julie A.

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