(Photo) Sports: Wow, Goodness!! Check Out What Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Ate EVERYDAY To Prepare For ‘Hercules’

Good grief!!  The Rock is no joke!!  WWE-superstar-turned-actor revealed the insane diet behind his current physique in order to get ready for his role in ‘Hercules.’  He ate the same crazy meals everyday for 6 months.  Check it out…

NFL: No Happy Fourth Of July For Aaron Hernandez! Check Out His Food Options For Today

Today is a day for family and friends getting together for backyard bbq’s, beer, liquor and just an overall day of good times and good company. When you are in jail however not so much. While the rest of his former New England Patriot teammates are enjoying the holiday as best as they can, Aaron Hernandez will be staring at cement walls and bars just thinking “what if”. He will really be thinking that once his food for the day is brought to him. Hit the jump.

Burger King Will Add New ‘Burgers At Breakfast’ Menu!?

The fast-food chain Burger King adds a new twist to their breakfast menu. They are now adding “Burgers” to the breakfast menu. Read more on the story below!

(Photo) Detroit Chef Composes Menu Inspired Completely By Radiohead Album!

A Detroit Chef is proving that music and food is a match made in heaven, especially when the food is influenced by the music, or vice versa! A chef in the Detroit Golf Club, has made 10 course meal, inspired completely by Radiohead’s Album ‘Kid A’.

Brooklyn Restaurant Renames Valentine’s Day Menu With Beyonce-Inspired Items

An eatery in the city Beyonce and Jay Z currently call home will be renaming their Valentine’s Day menu in honor of the Queen Bey. Brooklyn restaurant Brucie’s a la carte menu will feature dinner items like “Drunk In Love,” “Breastiny’s Child” and “I Am Pasta Fierce.” You can check out the full menu with all the quirky names in the gallery. “The menu is funny, but we take our food very seriously and realize that people are coming and spending money, and we want them to have a beautiful, interesting meal,” chef/owner Zahra Tangorra said. “We’re constantly pushing ourselves and we change the menu daily, so this is pretty much how we roll anyway.”

(Photos) Nice!!! McDonalds Launching “After Midnight Menu” At How Many More Locations?!?!

More Menu Changes are on the way from McDonalds, Hit the jump for more!

Say Word?! McDonalds Breakfast All Day Everyday?!?!

Is this For real? How long before it’s official? The answers to all your questions right after the jump!

McDonald’s Is Changing Their Menu?!?

McDonald’s plans on releasing a new menu, with some new additions and discontinuing other items. Remember the Big N Tasty? Or McSalad Shakers? Check out what’s new after the jump.

Calories Count At McDonald’s

The McDonald’s restaurant menu will change nationwide soon. Becoming even more health friendly, McDonald’s has decided to put the the calorie numbers on its menu so customers are aware of their intake. The move comes ahead of a regulation that could require major fast food chains to post these numbers as early as next year. Click below to read more. Jason J.

Tech Talk Mobile: Google Says The Menu Button is Dead

It has finally happened, folks. The Menu button is officially dead. The Android team at Google just announced that Android no longer requires a dedicated Menu button. Of course, that doesn’t mean that some OEMs won’t try to stick it on their devices. But for all Google cares, the dedicated Menu button is a thing of the past. And in just a few months, all Google-approved Android devices will launch without it. @Yungjohnnybravo @TatWZA

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