Auto:(Video,Photos) Mercedes Wants To Make “Hatchbacks” Cool

Mercedes announced today that the all new 2014 A45 AMG hatchback will make it’s debut to the public at the Geneva auto show next month. Funny thing is, they made the announcement the same exact day that Audi also said they will debut their S3 Sportsback at the Geneva show as well. Even though the A45 is a hatchback, it gets the full AMG treatment as far as performance and styling extras. This little whip is going to kick out 360HP! It has a 7 speed transmission and all that power rides on the 4-matic all wheel drive. It will go 0-60 in 4.5 seconds with a top speed of 155mph! Now that is a hot hatchback. See the videos after the jump of the car in motion and the interior and hit the gallery for more pics.

(Videos) Super Bowl XLVII Commercial Compilation

So now that the game has gone final, and we have a new champion, ( Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens ) it’s a wrap for Super Bowl XLVII. With that said, the last commercial has come and gone. There was some laughs, some disappointments and some weird feelings with the ads during the game. We covered alot of the commercials throughout the night so we know some of you might of missed some good ones. Without further ado, we present the Super Bowl Commercial Compliation. All the ads we covered tonight compacted into one convenient post. Hit the gallery after the jump to see all of them. Enjoy.

(Video) Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Ad With Kate Upton, Usher & More

Leave it to the Luxury Brand to pull out the all-star cast for their Super Bowl commercial. Well it definitely worked, especially with it being one of the first ads for the new CLA class Benz. Check the video after the jump.

Auto:(Photos) The Hottest Mercedes Van You Will EVER See!!

I would live in here!! I am going to have to come up with $300,000 to own it, but if I do, I will live in this van! Lexani motorcars turned this Mercedes-Benz sprinter van, into a luxury palace on wheels. Everything inside was gutted and replaced. How about a 46 inch flatscreen, luxurious leather seating, a bed..yes a bed! Some other options include 24kt gold-plated details, an Ipad controls everything inside. I won’t say much more, I will let you enjoy the pics in the gallery yourself.

Auto:(Video) Mercedes-Benz Sexy Teaser Ad With Kate Upton For The Super Bowl

Mercedes-Benz is really trying some new marketing strategies with the release of their new CLA model. They usually stay away from sex appeal in their ads, but not this time. They released this teaser of the commercial for the Super Bowl. The teaser features supermodel Kate Upton and some distracted boys. The full ad that will air during the big game, will also have Usher in it. Not sure how the rest of the commercial will go with Upton and Usher, but stay tuned to the game to see. Watch the teaser below. IamJOE357

Auto: 13 Year Old Gets Mad At Parents, Drives Halfway Across Europe In A Benz

Teenagers are the same no matter where you go. They don’t like something mommy or daddy said and they throw a temper tantrum. Only exception in this case was the tantrum involved driving halfway across a continent! A boy in Italy who was adopted got into an argument with his adoptive parents. He waited for the right time and stole the keys to his father’s Mercedes and began his drive to Poland, to attempt to meet up with his biological sister. He only had about $270 on him and his passport. Somehow he actually crossed the borders of 2 countries on his way. I say somehow because it baffles me how authorities at the borders didn’t feel something was wrong when he did not have a drivers license and he looked like a little boy. He was finally pulled over in Germany, not too far from the Poland border. Once his parents realized what was going on they got in contact with authorities and the Mercedes had a tracking system, which is how German police found him. In a twist, it turns out the boy is a champion go kart racer and is really into cars, which could explain him having enough skills behind the wheel to drive that far. Some parents are too soft. I would of got beat beyond my worst dreams. He apologized and his parents understood. Great way to make sure he doesn’t do it again. IamJOE357

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