(Photos + Video) OH LAWD: Mia Isabella Throws Some MAJOR Shade Tyga’s Way

Just when we thought the Mia Isabella x Tyga tranny drama died down, we found ourselves to be terribly wrong. During a recent interview, T-Raww was questioned about his relationship with the popular tranny model, Mia Isabella. During the sit-down, Tyga explains how he thinks the media is “out to get him” with the rumors of him having relations with the transgender model and so on.

(Video + Photos) Shade Alert: Mia Isabella Might Be Throwing Some Major Shade At Kylie Jenner But Kylie Throws A Little Bit Of Her Own Shade Back

Get your umbrellas people because looks like transgender model, Mia Isabella, is throwing some serious shade at Kylie Jenner. If you aren’t sure who Mia Isabella is she is a transgender model and porn star who allegedly fooled around with rapper Tyga for a quick second. Kylie Jenner went to Instagram on Christmas and showed off a ring that was gifted to her from her rapper boyfriend Tyga but it seems as if Mia Isabella received a similar gift only she says she has had her’s for years but looks like Kylie might of seen what Mia posted and threw a little bit of her own shade back at the transgender model *sips tea* Check out the video Mia Isabella posted to her Instagram and what Kylie posted after the jump.

Charlie Sheen’s Exes Bree Olson, Mia Isabella, Brooke Mueller & Natalie Kenly React To His HIV Announcement

After Charlie Sheen revealed his HIV positive status on The Today Show this morning, naturally all eyes are looking to his many ex-girlfriends, curious to know both their reaction and the status of their health as well. So far, we have heard from four of them – Bree Olson, the former porn star who was once one of Charlie’s live-in “Goddesses,” his other Goddess Natalie Kenly, his ex-wife Brooke Mueller, with whom he has twin boys with, and transgender actress Mia Isabella, who became known earlier this year for her alleged tryst with rapper Tyga. I am unsure of how accurate it is to call Mia his “ex-girlfriend” as I don’t know details of their actual relationship – if there even was one – but we will go with that for now, as per the media. Brooke and Charlie divorced in 2011, which is the same year he then began dating Bree and Natalie, moving them both into his Hollywood home. Brooke has released the following statement through her rep:

“Brooke has been inundated with calls from friends and family. To put their minds at ease, Brooke can confirm that she and the boys are not HIV positive.”

Kylie Jenner Is Reportedly “Desperate” For Her Family To Accept Tyga

The Kardashians have never been the hugest fans of Tyga, given his age gap with their youngest money maker family member, so naturally, the recent sex scandal with transgender model Mia Isabelle didn’t make things any better. Clearly Kylie has already forgiven bae, but the family hasn’t been so quick to follow. “The whole family is desperate for her to ditch this guy,” a source said. “He’s been bad news from the start, but she’s just too naïve to see through his lies.” “She’s given him an impossible task,” explains the insider. “No one want to have anything to do with him and the moment she dumps him, he’s going to find himself with some very powerful enemies.”

Oh My: Mia Isabella Throws Shots At Tyga & Kylie; Basically Confirms Intimacy

Tyga is literally having one of the messiest years ever and things just seem to be getting worse! Text convos with Transgender model Mia Isabella and Tyga recently went viral, showing off his manly parts. After that happened, rumors came to light that T-Raww had been having sexual relations with Mia for over three years. Both sides tried to brush the controversy under the table, but now things are starting to get real. Mia Isabella posted a photo of a tabloid cover showing Kylie and Tyga on the front. The title basically puts Mia at blame for any of Tyga and Kylie’s “relationship issues.”

Mia Isabella Speaks Out On Tyga Scandal & Kind Of Confirms It

Up until now, the transgender actress that Tyga was said to have a longtime affair with, Mia Isabella, has remained relatively neutral on the situation. Though she has said a few words here and there on Instagram, she hasn’t really confirmed or denied the allegations, but her latest post is doing otherwise. Sharing a photo of a horoscope for Leos, telling them to air out any issues, Mia wrote quite a lengthy caption, alluding to the fact that there was certainly a lot going on behind the questions.

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