NBA: LeBron James’ Opener Jersey Auctioned For $50K!


A loyal fan has dished out a total of $50,040 for the sweaty Cleveland Cavaliers jersey, donned by none other than LeBron James. Even better, he ONLY scored 17 points this game, yet still managed to upsell his Game 1 Miami Heat jersey! Hit the jump for more info on James and other auctioned jerseys…

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NBA: Chris Bosh Admits To Why He Chose To Stay With The Heat Instead Of Joining The Houston Rockets


Over the summer, many speculated that Bosh would follow LeBron and leave the Heat to become the first option for another team. Bosh revealed that one of the main reasons why he decided not to join the Rockets was due to pressure. Hit the jump for details.

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(Video) NBA: Jalen Rose Tells Rick Ross He Will Take His $100K Bet Between The Heat & Cavs!


Rick Ross needs to put his money where his mouth is, so says ESPN analyst and former NBA player Jalen Rose. Earlier this week, Ross said he would bet $100,000 that the Miami Heat would finish better this season than the Cleveland Cavs. It is cool to support your team but this is a $100,000 that Ross may of just thrown out the window, but at least he got it to do it. Jalen Rose stepped up and called him out on the bet and said he will take it. No word back from the Boss yet, but if it goes through, you can expect Jalen to be $100K richer around late April!

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NBA: Check Out How Much Rap Superstar Rick Ross Is Willing To Bet On The Heat Doing Better Than The Cavs

Rick Ross

Ross is a huge Miami Heat fan and has been a constant staple at the American Airlines arena. With all the recent talk about the Cavs straight dominating the Eastern Conference due to LeBron’s return, Ross is willing to bet 100k on James’s former team finishing with a better record. Hit the jump for details.

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(Photo) NBA: Hip Hop Superstar 2 Chainz Snaps Selfie With Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban At Game


Chainz sat courtside at yesterday’s Mavs vs. Heat game and sat next Cuban. The pair seemed to enjoy each other’s company. Hit the jump for details.

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(Photo) NBA: Ouch! 3 Club Goers Take Picture With Greg Oden…But Had No Idea Who He Was


You gotta feel for the former NBA star. Over the weekend, three women spotted Oden, took a picture with him, and then took to social media to acknowledge that they had no idea who he was. Hit the jump for details.

Via Busted Coverage:

Click above gallery for picture.

Tavia HartleyIFWT

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NBA: Dwyane Wade Comments on the Struggles of LeBron James’ Cavs & Refers to the Miami Heat in 2010

IFWT_LeBron x Wade

Who would’ve thought that the LeBron James’ new super team, the Cleveland Cavaliers would be struggling while the Miami Heat are flourishing without him.  Well it’s not that far fetched.  LeBron, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love along with the rest of the squad will take time to gel while the Heat have been playing together for years, and people forget how much of a beast Chris Bosh was as the No. 1 option on the Toronto Raptors.  Dwyane Wade knows about the struggles LeBron and the Cavs are going through because they went through the same thing in 2010 when they first came together, and that’s why Wade says he knows James’ Cavs aren’t going to struggle for long.

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(Video) Sports: Pop Superstar Flo-Rida Makes Appearance On ESPN’s First Take & Talks Miami Sports

Flo Rida is the baby daddy

Flo Rida is a staple on the Miami sports scene and has been spotted at various games. He visited the popular show and gave his insight on the Heat and The Dolphins. Hit the jump for details.

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(Video) NBA: Incredible Hulk? No It’s Heat’s Josh McRoberts Who Intentionally Rips His Jersey In Frustration

IFWT_Josh McRoberts 1

Josh McRoberts played just eight minutes during Sunday night’s game between the Heat and the Raptors, but evidently that was enough for him to completely lose it.  McRoberts intentionally ripped his jersey after he was unable to secure a rebound. It looked like his frustration gave him quite a bit of strength because jersey’s aren’t that easy to rip.

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(Video) NBA: King James Walks Through ‘The Q’ Like He Owns It Before Game!


Dressed in ‘all black like the omen,’ LeBron James walked into ‘The Q,’ happy to be home and ready to BALL OUT! Hit the jump to see LeBron’s grand entrance…

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