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NBA: Teenagers Break Into Ray Allen’s Home While His Wife & Children Are There!


Ray Allen’s wife Shannon got the scare of her life when she realized someone had broken into her home while she was sleeping with the children. A party nearby that was full of teenagers was going on most of the night and some of those kids got bored with the party and decided to break into Allen’s home. Amazingly police didn’t press charges against the kids. Hit the jump.

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(Photo) NBA: Police Release Details Of Greg Oden’s Domestic Incident!


Last week, former NBA player Greg Oden was arrested for assault after an incident with his girlfriend. He was since released with an ankle monitor. The official police report was released today. Hit the jump for details.

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(Photo) NBA: Greg Oden’s Mug Shot T-Shirt Quickly Sells Out!


NBA Free Agent Greg Oden was arrested early this morning for assaulting his girlfriend, but it was the t-shirt that he’s wearing that’s gaining all of the attention. Hit the jump for details.

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(Photos) NBA: Dan Le Batard Trolls LeBron With 6 “You’re Welcome” Billboards With Picture of Heat Rings

IFWT_Dan Le Batard

Miami Herald writer and ESPN radio host Dan Le Batard is determined to troll LeBron James for his decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Since his initial plan to place full ads in Ohio newspapers failed, he went with the next best thing, six huge billboards.

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(Video) NBA: Delonte West Didn’t Name His Son After Him Because Of Lebron James!


The Delonte West and Gloria James rumors ran rampant during the 2010 NBA Playoffs and many believed that was one of the reasons why Lebron decided to take his talents to South Beach. Today, the former NBA star explains how the rumors influenced what he named his newborn son. Click the jump for details.

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NBA: Dwyane Wade Says He Doesn’t Recruit & Didn’t Try to Make LeBron James Stay in Miami


Dwyane Wade has been revealing the last days before LeBron James made his decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The two spent much of the final days together in Las Vegas.   Wade said he knew exactly when he realized James wasn’t coming back but he also revealed another interesting tidbit, he didn’t try to make him stay.

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(Photo) NBA: Dope Graphic! Check Out What States Hate Which NBA Teams


There is a reason I chose to use Kobe and Wade as the picture for this post. Everyone hates the Heat & Lakers! According to a poll released yesterday, the Heat & Lakers by far are the two most hated teams by fans around the country. You can understand why for both teams. Nobody liked the Heat after the way Lebron arrived and people hate the Lakers because of Kobe and the fact that they are a legendary team. Some of the other hatred from states is surprising, like Deleware hating the Cavs or Louisiana hating the Clippers, but I am sure they have their reasons. Check out the graphic.

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(Video) NBA: Dwyane Wade Tells Exactly When He Knew Lebron Wasn’t Coming Back To Miami


Dwyane Wade still loves Lebron and supports his decision, but he says he knows exactly when he realized Lebron wasn’t coming back. Wade said Friday that he could just tell from James’ body language during a flight from Las Vegas that he would not be coming back. Wade speaks alot of truth in this interview though. You just can’t knock Lebron for the decision he made and Wade’s backs him up on that. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Pat Riley Says He Didn’t Think LeBron James Would Leave & Admits Trying to Get Carmelo Anthony After


Heat president Pat Riley was sure LeBron James would return to the Miami Heat.  In fact he was so sure he was selling other players on the possibility to come and play with James.  Unfortunately for him James decided to return home to the Cleveland Cavaliers but Riley still feels the Heat are contenders in the East.

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NBA: LeBron James Return To Miami Reportedly Set For Christmas Game

IFWT_LeBron x Wade

Christmas to the NBA is like Thanksgiving to the NFL.  Some of the best teams and biggest rivalries in the league come together on Christmas to battle it out.  One of the biggest stories this year is of course LeBron James returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers and leaving the Miami Heat, that coupled with Dwyane Wade saying James is his new favorite opponent makes his return to Miami quite an anticipated game and the league knows it.

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