(Video) NBA: King James Walks Through ‘The Q’ Like He Owns It Before Game!


Dressed in ‘all black like the omen,’ LeBron James walked into ‘The Q,’ happy to be home and ready to BALL OUT! Hit the jump to see LeBron’s grand entrance…

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(Video) NBA: No LeBron, No Problem.. Dwyane Wade Videobombs Himself!

IFWT_Wade videobomb 1

The Miami Heat may be short a member (LeBron James) but Dwyane Wade found a way to fix that by videobombing himself.

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NBA: If Ain’t About the Money… Chris Bosh Reveals Why He Chose Heat Over Rockets


After striking out on Carmelo Anthony the Houston Rockets made Chris Bosh their target.  With LeBron James electing to return home to the Cleveland Cavaliers it was assumed that Bosh would join the Rockets where he could be apart of another Big 3 with Dwight Howard and James Harden and be in his home state.  Then in a twist, Bosh decided to re-sign with the Miami Heat.  Well why?  Because they offered him a huge pay day.

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(Video) NBA: LMAO LeBron Forgets He Doesn’t Play For Heat Anymore & Sets Screen To Free Up Norris Cole

IFWT_LeBron Cavs

LeBron James spent his last four seasons with the Miami Heat and apparently old habits die hard.  While facing his former team in his second preseason game with the Cleveland Cavaliers, James had a little lapse in memory.

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NBA: Lebron Says Comments From Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh & Others Are Surprising


There seems to be alot of comments coming out of South Beach from Lebron’s former teammates recently. Some of the comments are totally harmless, while others seem to be subliminal shots at Bron. Mario Chalmers alone can’t seem to shutup about Lebron this summer, while Wade & Bosh have came across as awkward with comments as well. Apparently whatever is being said is catching Bron off guard and he sounds like he doesn’t know how to feel about it.

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NBA: Subtle Shots Fired?! Chris Bosh Warns Kevin Love About Playing Alongside LeBron James & The Cavs


Sour much?! Bosh, who yesterday revealed that he hasn’t spoken to LeBron since he re-signed with the Cavs, is now offering some advice to Love. In a recent interview, the Miami Heat star revealed how frustrating it was to play alongside King James. Hit the jump for details.

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NBA: LeBron James Felt Uncomfortable At Dwyane Wade’s Wedding

IFWT Wade x Lebron

The NBA is all about story lines and the biggest story this offseason was LeBron James leaving the Miami Heat and returning home to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  So naturally the media has begun pitting the two teams against each other with various sub plots.  The latest story is about Dwyane Wade’s wedding.  For a while many thought LeBron didn’t attend after numerous photos were released but none of him.  Well it turns out he was there but decided to keep a low profile and now a new report says it’s because he was extremely uncomfortable.

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NBA: LeBron James Comments On The Cavs Preseason Match Up Against The Heat


The meeting between the two teams is set to take place in Brazil this weekend, and emotions are expected to be at a high regardless of what both teams are saying. James spoke briefly about the matchup during an interview. Hit the jump for details.

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NBA: Chris Bosh Reveals He Hasn’t Spoken To LeBron & Gives Cold Answer About Seeing Him Again

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, & The Miami Heat celebrate NBA Championship at STORY Night Club

While most of the world was waiting for LeBron James free agency decision, his teammate Chris Bosh was waiting as well.  Bosh made it clear that he wanted to continue playing with James on the Miami Heat and LeBron’s decision would weigh heavily on what he decided to do.  Well LeBron ditched the Heat and decided to return home to the Cleveland Cavaliers leaving Bosh high and dry (if you call an over $100 million contract high and dry) and Bosh appears to still be taking it personal.

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NBA: Dwyane Wade Responds to Ray Allen Going to Cavs & Says They’re Trying To Duplicate Miami

IFWT_Wade x Allen x LeBron

Though it’s not official yet, there are numerous reports that Ray Allen will sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers.  That would team him up with LeBron James, Mike Miller and James Jones who were all apart of the Miami Heat team that won the NBA Championship in 2012.  With LeBron leading the charge and everyone following along, Dwyane Wade says they’re trying to recreate that championship team.

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