(Audio) NBA: LeBron James Suggests Michael Jordan Gets Too Much Credit for Bulls 6 Championships

LeBron James made headlines when he said he was chasing Michael Jordan’s ghost.  A big part of that is because Jordan has six championships to LeBron’s three.  Jordan is considered the greatest of all time, and is credited for bringing those six titles to the Chicago Bulls; he won the Finals MVP award each time. LeBron however implied that Jordan got too much credit when he had key help from his teammates.

(Video) NBA: Michael Jordan Thinks Today’s Game Has Changed For The Better

Time and time again, older NBA veterans have voiced their opinion about the current state of the league being soft and being too much about shooting. They usually sound like bitter guys who want to make sure none of their own glory was overlooked but thankfully the GOAT himself, Michael Jordan, is not one of those vets.

(Video/Photo) NBA: Michael Jordan Did Something Great For One Of His Biggest Fans

You guys probably don’t remember Jeffrey Harrison by name but you more than likely remember the jokes people had when pictures of him playing basketball in a full Michael Jordan uniform went viral. Harrison actually always dresses like Jordan when he’s on the court and has been doing so for years. It turns out the GOAT himself saw the videos of Harrison dressed like him and sent him a bunch of great stuff and even called him but there is so much more to this feel good story.

NBA: Michael Jordan Refers To Russell Westbrook As A Younger Version Of Himself

Russell Westbrook is feeling like he’s on top of the world after his press conference in Oklahoma City yesterday, officially announcing his three year/$85 million dollar contract extension. As it turns out though, he didn’t need yesterday to feel like he was on top of the world. Nope, he very likely experienced that same feeling a couple weeks ago in Vegas when Michael Jordan spoke about him during the launch of the Air Jordan XXXI, where the GOAT said Russell is the same player he was.

(Video) Sports: Soccer Superstar Neymar Explains How Michael Jordan Inspired Him

Soccer superstar Neymar is now a Jordan Brand athlete, and in a new promotional video, he explained when he got his first pair of Jordans and how the GOAT Michael Jordan inspired him.

NBA: Tracy McGrady Says He’s Happy Michael Jordan Nixed Trade That Would Send Him to Bulls

Back in June, Tracy McGrady dropped a bombshell when he revealed that the Chicago Bulls were trying to trade Scottie Pippen and get McGrady during his draft year in the NBA.  Michael Jordan however stepped in and nixed the deal.  During an interview with Complex, McGrady revealed that he’s actually happy the trade didn’t go down.

(Video) NBA: Michael Rapaport Goes In on LeBron James: ‘You ain’t Jordan!’

Since he’s entered the NBA, LeBron James’ every move has been closely compared to Michael Jordan.  In an interview with Sports Illustrated, James revealed that he has a new motivation after achieving his goal of bringing a championship to the Cleveland Cavaliers; he’s now chasing the ghost of Jordan.  LeBron will finish as one of the greatest basketball players of all time but he knows the title of THE greatest belongs to Jordan, who has six NBA championship rings in comparison to LeBron’s three.  While many agree that LeBron has work to do to past Jordan, actor Michael Rapaport appeared on SportsNation and went in on James for his notion of chasing Jordan’s elusive ghost.

(Video) NBA: James Loves Jordan But Does Jordan Love James

So…is there some underlying issue going on between Jordan and James? I mean, why can’t the best and the best be down? Check out some recent goings on…

NBA: LeBron on His New Motivation: ‘This Ghost I’m Chasing. The Ghost Played in Chicago’

LeBron James will go down as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.  There’s one player he hasn’t passed to become THE greatest of all time, Michael Jordan.  After winning 3 NBA championships, 3  Finals MVP awards, 4 NBA MVP awards, 2 Olympic gold medals, a 12-time All-Star, 12 All-NBA teams, 6 All-Defensive teams, NBA Rookie of the Year, NBA scoring champion, the Cavaliers all-time leading scorer and brought them their first NBA championship, you have to think, what else is there left for him to do?!  King James still hasn’t passed Michael Jordan because of one magical number, 6.  That’s the number of championship rings MJ has.  LeBron says chasing Jordan is his latest motivation.

(Video) NBA: Michael Jordan Doesn’t Miss A Shot After Bet From CP3 Would Give Campers Free Jordans

In case you though the GOAT fell off in his older age, Michael Jordan channeled his competitive spirit and put on a shooting display thanks to a challenge from Chris Paul. CP3 bet his airness that if he missed three shots, all the kids at his Michael Jordan Flight School basketball camp would get a pair of Jordans for free. Let’s just say there are a bunch of unhappy kids because Jordan didn’t miss a single shot.

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