(Photos) Find Out Why Michael Lohan’s Fiancé Was Arrested!

Looks like there is always something happening in the Lohan family. Kate Major, Michael Lohan’s fiancé was arrested for DUI. Lindsay’s father called 911 saying that his fiancée Kate Major scratched his face and then zoomed off in her car while “wasted’ on alcohol and pills.

LMAO! Lindsay Lohan’s DAD Responds To Kendrick Lamar’s Verse

Hilarious. By now, tons of people have had a response to Kendrick Lamar’s killer verse on “Control,” but rappers weren’t the only people K. Dot called out. He named Lindsay Lohan in there as well, and now her father (who’s an attention whore and more often than not estranged from his daughter) has something to say. “Mollies’ll prolly turn these n*ggass to f*ckin’ Lindsay Lohan,” Kendrick raps. “A bunch of rich ass white girls lookin’ for parties/ Playin with Barbies, wreck the Porsche before you give ‘em the car key.” “He’s an idiot,” Michael said in response, adding he’s “senseless. What can you say to a moron? I don’t know who this guy is. I ‘ve never heard of him. That says enough about what his opinion is.” His final jab, though? “He wishes he was in as good of a place as Lindsay.” Uh…I’m pretty sure he’s in a better place than her, homie. Pretty damn sure.

(Video) Say What?: Oprah Could Be Lindsay Lohan’s Savior?!?!

According to LiLo’s dad, Michael Lohan, Oprah will be the savior to his rehab-regular daughter. Lindsay Lohan and Oprah have a big deal in the works which could potentially save her from the d-rugs. Check out the deets after the jump.

Lindsay Lohan’s Mother Gets Paid 50K For WHAT?!?!

The most recent Celebrity Parents Brawl has been between between Lindsay Lohan’s parents, Michael and Dina Lohan. Although they divorced in 2007 (after being together for 22 years,) the two parents of Betty Ford’s finest have to speak on occasion on behalf of their daughter, LiLo. However, a recent blow-out between Michael and Dina REALLY caught our attention. Hey, I thought they JUST peaced it up? Well, that didn’t last long. Find out more after the jump.

(Video) Lindsay Lohan’s Father Speaks On Her Rehab Treatment & Amanda Bynes

It must have something to do with being a childhood star because all of these young chicks who were poppin’ when they were younger in movies and TV shows are a HOT MESS now. Lindsay Lohan is currently being treated at the Betty Ford rehab facility, but her father is not okay with that. Find out why after the jump!

Michael Lohan Puts Lindsay On Blast, Gives Out Private Information About Her Rehab Stay!

It seems like Lindsay Lohan’s Father is always putting Lindsay Lohan on blast by talking about her personal information to the public. (In my opinion) A parent should respect their child by keeping all information private, but that’s not the case with Michael Lohan. He recently confirmed personal details about Lindsay’s current rehab stay, releasing which facility she’s at and more. Click below to find out all the details.

No Faith?! Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Says She’s Going To Fail At Rehab!

Lindsay Lohan is going going, back back, to rehab rehab, and we all know she’s been there a bunch of times before. It looks like her dad Michael Lohan doesn’t have any faith in his daughter and is publicly saying that she’s going to fail. That must be tough for Lindsay, because the whole world doesn’t believe in her, and now her family doesn’t either. Damn.

(Photos) Oh Wow! Lindsay Lohan Has A New Brother!?!?

Congrats to Michael Lohan! Lindsay’s dad and fiance Kate Major (who you may have seen on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab) gave birth to a baby boy named Landon Major Lohan. I wonder if Lindsay went to the hospital to see her new brother since she didn’t have to go to jail?! Click below for photos and details!!

(Video) Lindsay Lohan’s Reaction To Finding Out About Her Secret Sister

Lindsay Lohan sounds terrible! This morning LiLo was on Good Morning America and she was asked about how she handles her family being in the media and what it’s like. Yesterday news broke that Lindsay has a 17-year-old half sister after a paternity test showed that Michael Lohan was the girl’s father. According to Lindsay, or her acting skills, she didn’t know anything about her half sister and the GMA host was the first person to tell her about it. For reason, I’m not buying it. Watch her reaction below. Julie A.

(Video) DAMN! Lindsay Lohan’s Got A Secret Half-Sister…Watch Her Dad When He Finds Out He’s The Father!

Reports came out last year that a woman was after Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael for child support, claiming he’d fathered a love child with her back in the 90’s….while he was still married and in between having children with Lindsay’s mom Dina! In his true fame-whoring fashion, Michael, the alleged mom and the alleged daughter (who’s now 17) went on television to do the paternity test and it turns out…he IS the father! Looks like you have a new sister, Linds! All 3’s reactions are PRICELESS when they find out! Watch it go down below. Marisa Mendez

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