(Video) Sports: Michael Phelps Says He Was Listening to Future When He Made the Infamous #PhelpsFace

Future had a special presenter introducing him for his performance during the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs).  The presenter was the most decorated Olympian and Team USA swimmer, Michael Phelps.  While introducing Future, Phelps revealed that he was listening to “Stick Talk” when he made that infamous #PhelpsFace that went viral and became the source of numerous memes.

(Video) Olympics: Michael Phelps Was Not Happy With This Reporter, Shuts Down Surprise Interview

Michael Phelps may be the most decorated athlete in the history of the Summer Olympic games but after all that work, sometimes you just want to go home and relax. A news channel and it’s reporter in Phoenix learned that the hard way yesterday after basically trying to ambush him for an interview when he got off the plane with his fiance and son.

(Photos) Sports: Michael Phelps Is Done With The Olympics!

Yep, that’s right! The most decorated Olympic medalist has officially swum his last lap vying for the gold. See what he had to say about it.

(Photo) Olympics: Someone Already Has A Tattoo Of #PhelpsFace

Earlier this week, Michael Phelps face became a meme as he stared down, or should I say through, South African swimmer Chad le Clos, who decided he was going to shadowbox right in front of Phelps in the call room prior to the race. The face that Phelps had instantly spread across the internet as a meme and even NBC started using the image in the corner of the screen. Ricky Fung, owner of a tattoo shop in Toronto decided it was the perfect image to get a tattoo off and he shared the result on twitter. It came out pretty damn good.

(Video/Photo) Olympics: Twitter Explodes With Legendary Memes After Michael Phelps Won His 22nd Gold Medal

Michael Phelps literally destroyed the competition during the final of the 200-meter individual medley, giving him four gold medals in Rio and 22 overall. As the world looked on, Phelps dominated the race in breathtaking fashion and it wasn’t long before he was being praised in the form of some epic memes once the race ended. Just so you have an idea of how big this was, the Baltimore Ravens and Carolina Panthers even put their game on hold so they could watch the race on the jumbotron in the stadium.

(Video) Olympics: Cupping Is A Crazy Popular With Athletes, But What Is It?

Wondering what those purple circular marks are on some athletes that you’ve seen competing this year? They’re bruises from cupping. And no, get your dirty mind out of the gutter…or is that just me? Keep reading…

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