Olympics: Michael Phelps Takes Gold Again In Men’s 4x100m Freestyle

Michael Fred Phelps does it again, bringing the gold home to the USA!!! He won with almost a full second to spare. Keep reading to see the current Olympic standings.

(Video) Sports: LOL, Michael Phelps Does His Best To Distract Free Throw Shooter

This is just comedy. The students at Arizona State University are known for coming up with creative ways to distract opposing free throw shooters. Last night they took it to another level, as they got Olympic Gold medalist, Michael Phelps, to strip down to a speedo, in hopes of distracting the player. It actually worked and the kid missed both foul shots and the crowd couldn’t be more happy.

Sports: Michael Phelps Says He Didn’t Want to Be Alive Anymore After DUI Arrest

“I was in a really dark place,” Michael Phelps says. “Not wanting to be alive anymore.”  This was after his 2014 DUI arrest, but he now says he’s cleaned himself up and insists he’s swimming better than ever.

(18+ Photos) Sports: Michael Phelps Scorned Black Mistress Leaks His Alleged D*ck Pic!

I’m sorry but how many secret girlfriends did Michael Phelps have?  Well he is an world renowned Olympic gold medalist so I’m sure he had plenty of women at his beck and call but this woman seems particularly upset and claims things were serious between them until Phelps decided to propose to his long time on and off girlfriend Nicole Johnson.  According to the mystery woman, who is black, Phelps only proposed to Johnson to clean up his image after the DUI and rehab stint.  The woman claims he strung her along then dropped her.  Well now she’s getting revenge by setting the story straight and leaking an alleged peen pic of Phelps.

Sports: Michael Phelps Alleged Ex-Girlfriend That Was Born a Man, Does Porno With Phelps Look-Alike

Recently, Michael Phelps alleged ex-girlfriend Taylor Lianne Chandler was spotted in Hollywood, California after being flown out by Vivid Entertainment; the infamous porn company that released Kim Kardashian and Mimi and Nikko’s sex tapes among others.  Taylor tried to play coy like she just went for the free trip and really wasn’t interested in doing porn but low and behold, it’s been shot and set for release with a Michael Phelps look-alike.  Was there really any doubt?

(Video) Sports: Michael Phelps Alleged Intersex Ex-Girlfriend Getting Ready to Do Porn?!

Michael Phelps alleged girlfriend rocked the world when she revealed she was actually born a male named David Roy Fitch.  No she’s not a transsexual but she was born intersex with both female and male genitalia and decided to be a fully female in her teenage years.  The fascination with her condition has led many people to want to see what she looks like naked which has fielded numerous offers of the adult nature.

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