Terrence Howard Admits To Hitting Women But Claims It’s “Not Always His Fault”

Terrence Howard might have a great reputation when it come to his acting career but as far as his dating history is concerned, let’s just say he is not what one would call the ideal husband. He has found himself in numerous domestic violence cases, starting all the way back in 2001. “She was talking to me real strong, and I lost my mind and slapped her in front of the kids,” he said about his issues with his first wife. “Her lawyer said it was a closed fist, but even slapping her was wrong.”

Judge Rules In Favor Of Terrence Howard: Ex-Wife Gets NONE Of That “Empire” Money

After thousands of divorces, hundreds of thousands of dollars in alimony checks and plenty more of court appearances, Terrence Howard gets some good news from a judge. On Monday, Superior Court Judge Thomas Trent Lewis ruled that wife number two, Michelle Ghent, will not get her hands on Howard’s Empire finances. She tried it. Check the jump for more.

Terrence Howard Would Rather Pay The Feds…So He Said

Terence Howard owes the federal government a PRETTY PENNY and says ex-wife Michelle Gent has some nerve to demand nearly $500,000 in back spousal support find out more inside…

DAMN! Terrence Howard Owes His Wife How Much In Spousal Support?

Terrence Howard and ex-wife, Michelle have endured an up-and-down battle for years – with each other. From everything to domestic violence, court settlements, etc. You name it, this couple has been through it and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight since Michelle is claiming that the, “Best Man” actor owes her a pretty penny. Check out the digits below.

Terrence Howard In Court For What Now?!

Word leaked less than 24hrs ago that, Best Man Holiday actor, Terrence Howard had married his girlfriend of only one month. The newlywed is already in court – for the ex-wife, Michelle Ghent. Could she be feeling salty?! Ghent is claiming that Howard has not paid-up his dues of spousal support. “Since the commencement date of 5/15/12, Terrence Howard has only made sporadic payments to me totaling $18,435 and owes an arrearage sum of $63,303… the Court finds that Terrence Howard owes me $122,221.64 including interest… legal fees to my lawyer, $15,500,” according to court documents filed by the ex. Ghent also alleges that Mr. Howard owes her for the trip the two took to Costa Rica – in hopes of fixing the problems in their relationship, which only made things worse. He’s charged almost $19,000 to her credit card with promises of paying her back. That didn’t happen, and now, Ghent is going the legal route. SHE WANTS HER MONEY! Drop down bottom for more.

Talk About Fast…Terrence Howard Marries Girlfriend Of One Month!

Terrence Howard doesn’t waste any time. Just a few short months after being divorced from ex-wife, Michelle Ghent, Howard is already married again. Here’s where the surprise comes in…he’s only been with his new wife for ONE MONTH! Um, hit the jump for details.

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