Tech Talk Government: You Will Be Able To Skype Your Congressperson!!!

This is great News if your trying to get some face time with the person You Voted for about your local issue’s or you want to weigh in on a national topic being voted on in Congress, all with out having to travel to DC or even the local office of said Congress Person!!! Hit the Jump!! Tat WZA

Tech Talk Hack: Futuristic Minority Report With The Kinect!!!

It’s almost not a Hack since Microsoft released an SDK(Software Developers Kit) for the Kinect to Windows, and this Dude, Kevin, has developed a program for the Kinect on Windows thats as about as close to the Minority Report as can be, and it’s still in Beta, so it can only get better! Hit the Jump and let me know what you think!! Tat WZA

Tech News: Sony Vita May Have Skype!!

According to rumors Sony may integrate Skype to its device, even though Sony competitor Microsoft has just acquired Skype for $8.5 billion.  Microsoft  who also plans to incorporate it into Xbox Live, that might not stop Sony from offering Skype functionality for its  the PlayStation Vita. @YungjohnnyBravo @TatWZA

Tech Talk Cloud: Microsoft Adds To Cloudmania!!!

Cloudmania is a term I just made up since every big Tech company around worth anything is pretty much all about the Cloud right now, from Apple to Google to Amazon and now Microsoft! Their Cloud based system is called “Skydrive”, which I think is actually a really good title for Cloud, especially since Apple got the best name, “iCloud“! Hit the Jump to see a more on “SkyDrive”. @TatWZA

Tech News: Microsoft Bringing Diamonds To Xbox Live!!!

With E3 around the corner everyone is previewing what they have in stored for their company or brand, this year Microsoft is planning on bringing Diamonds to XBOX live @ybj @tatwza

TECH TALK: Microsoft Getting Under Your Skin!!!!

  Researchers at Microsoft have developed a new device that will be able to see under your skin to view your injuries for physical-therapy patients.  Microsoft has developed this device to help patients see the results of any therapy they maybe taking part in, in hopes to continue treatment. @Tatwza @YJB Read More….

Tech Talk Warning: Now Xbox 360 Has Issue’s?!?!??

Look I just put out the warnings as they come, and this one kinda hurt my heart, although it doesn’t really have the issue’s PSN has, but Hit the Jump to find out!! @TatWZA

Tech Talk Breaking News: Microsoft BUYS Skype!!!

MicroSkype? Or Skyprosoft?? In A Record Cash Deal for a Clean 8.5 Billion(Whoa) Microsoft will own the Leader in Video calling known as Skype!! Now I know your wondering a few things like How it will affect you, especially if you don’t use Microsoft as a whole, Hit the Jump! @TatWZA

Microsoft and Volkswagen team up for in-car file storage

The House that Gates Built has teamed up with the Volkswagen Group to develop the next generation of automotive information and entertainment delivery strategies. A firm called supplies Volkswagen with its infotainment software. Microsoft has signed an agreement to license its Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT) technology to, which allows the software developer to squeeze more information into smaller spaces. Also, the speed at which that data can be accessed will get a shot in the arm. @funkmasterflex x @tatwza via

Tech Talk Innovation: Microsoft Home Of The Future!

What will be known as the “Microsoft Home” is for the “World Of Tomorrow” using Surface technology to test a bevy of concepts that could be used in the home by as early as 2025, hit the Jump to see the Video! @TatWza

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