(Video) Xbox One Has MAJOR Malfunction Already?!

This is a bit disturbing, only 2 days into Microsoft’s Nex-Gen gaming console release and a bit of a multitude of buyers are reporting an issue that you just can’t let go!!

(Video) Full Demo Of The Xbox One User Experience!!!

The one is looking like beast, with about 2 weeks before it hits the market, 2 Xbox execs walk us through just how extraordinary the One is!!

(Video) Which of These 2 Dope Games Are You Getting?!?

It’s that time of the year, 1st person shooter mania! You have the current champ, Call Of Duty, coming out with it’s latest title COD: Ghosts, a spin off of the ‘Modern Warfare’ series, and as you know it looks amazing! Now the competition, Battlefield is dropping it’s 4th installment and again as you know, it also looks amazing!

HOW Many Servers Does Xbox Live Use?!

Xbox Live is the #1 on line multiplayer gaming from a system, with activity that is out of this world! 48M active users takes a lot to keep up and running, but Microsoft does with ease.

(Video) Nokia Lumia 925 Camera Better Than The iPhone 5S?!

Although I am a fan boy of Apple and Samsung, Nokia has a definite advantage over both of them. Nokia has a Real camera inside not just a tricked out phone camera.

(Video) Microsoft Makes Parody Of iPhone, Then Yanks It Down, But We Got It!!

Although Microsoft is in last place in the mobile movement they had time to make a parody video teasing that the New iPhones are a pointless idea. BUT then the tech community laughed at them for having the nerve to take time to make a video and not having a superior product themselves. So Microsoft took the video down, and all of this happened yesterday.

Walmart Will Soon Offer You How MUCH For Your Old Phone??

Starting September 21st, Walmart and Sam’s Club will roll out a new program which credits customers up to $300 for their used smartphones. The credit will go towards the purchase of a new one.

(Video) Xbox One Gets Shipped To One Person Early…He Leaks Footage!!!!

This isn’t an unboxing, this isn’t really a leak, this is ‘One’ Lucky MF’r Below!

WOW!!! Microsoft Just Bought Nokia For HOW MUCH?!?!?

This morning, Microsoft finalized a deal to acquire Nokia for around $7.2 Billion. According to reports in the deal, Nokia will be used more so for hardware.

Bookies Are Taking Bets On WHAT Now??

News broke the other day that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer would be retiring soon and in the meantime looking for someone to step into his role at the tech giant. It seems like gamblers will bet on just about anything, and Ballmer’s replacement is no exception. Ladbrokes, a British gambling company, has a breakdown of the odds for Microsoft’s next CEO on their website now. Read more to see who has the best odds of becoming Microsoft’s next boss!

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