NBA: Iman Shumpert Excited About New Offense So He Can Do More Than ‘Stand In The Corner’

Former Knicks coach Mike Woodson was heavily criticized for running too many iso plays for Carmelo Anthony.  He also seemingly had a problem with Iman Shumpert and didn’t utilize the young guard up to his full potential.  Well Woodson has since been fired and the Knicks new coach Derek Fisher along with new president Phil Jackson are going to implement his infamous triangle offense, something Shumpert is excited about.

NBA: Mike Woodson Reacts To Knicks Firing Him; JR Smith Also Reacts

Earlier this morning it was announced that Mike Woodson was fired as head coach of the Knicks.  We didn’t have a lot of details at the time (except getting a statement from Phil Jackson), but now we’re hearing from the man himself & one of his now former players, JR Smith.  Whether you liked Coach Woodson or not, it’s sad to see someone lose their job.  Check out what they both had to say….

NBA: Mike Woodson Fired as Head Coach of the Knicks

Can’t say we didn’t see this coming.  ESPN just announced that the Knicks let Coach Mike Woodson go this morning.  So now the question remains, who’s next?!  Steve Kerr??  Derek Fisher (yes, that’s one of the rumors)?  I guess we’ll find out soon.

NBA: Steve Kerr Expects to Be Offered Knicks Head Coach Position & Will Reportedly Accept

The firing of Knicks coach Mike Woodson is coming and the top name mentioned to replace him is former NBA player and current TNT analyst, Steve Kerr.

(Video) NBA: Yikes! This Exchange Between Melo & Mike Woodson In The Huddle Doesn’t Look Good

Some fans think this is a big deal & others think it’s not a big deal at all. While in the huddle last night — Melo interrupts Woodson and says, “let’s win the fuckin’ game man.” The expression on Coach Mike Woodson’s face says it all. But they won — so it’s all good right?! Riiiiight?! Check it out…

NBA: Carmelo Anthony Meets With Knicks Owner & Praises Coach Mike Woodson After

The question of Knicks coach Mike Woodson’s job security has been the main topic lately along with with Carmelo Anthony stay.  Of course the two go hand in hand with the Knicks doing whatever it takes to keep Anthony, it’s assumed they would ask if he wants Woodson fired.  Well it was revealed that Anthony met with James Dolan recently which raised some eyebrows.

NBA: Metta World Peace Is Open to Being Traded From the Knicks

When Metta World Peace was signed by the New York Knicks the fans and front office thought they were getting a defensive stopper and additional scoring here and there but instead all MWP has seen is the bench.  He was injured so long some people say they forgot he was on the team; well he’s healthy now he just isn’t getting any playing time and he seems to be ready to go.

NBA: Report, Knicks Owner Has Private Meeting With Carmelo To Discuss Firing Coach Woodson

Change could be coming very soon in New York. Reports have stated that after the Knicks home loss to the Blazers this week, owner James Dolan grabbed Carmelo and possibly one other player for a private meeting to discuss the future of coach Mike Woodson. Everyone can agree it has been a very disappointing season at MSG, but I am not sure firing Woodson solves that problem. Hit the jump for more.

NBA: JR Smith Benched Again; JR Reacts (This Doesn’t Sound Good)

And the drama continues.  Last week JR Smith was benched against the Heat, a day after being fined $50k for the shoe lace untying incidents.  Well he was benched again last night as the Knicks lost to the Bobcats.  What did Coach Woodson & JR have to say about it?!  It doesn’t sound good.  Check it out…

NBA: Mike Woodson Tired Of Knicks Effort, Gives Team Curfew!

Mike Woodson knows his ass is on the line right now as coach of the Knicks and he is doing all he can to protect it. The last couple times the team had a game at noon they were completely destroyed. You can think what you want, but I am sure part of that had to do with players out chilling the night before and not focused on the task at hand early the next day. Because of that, with another game scheduled for noon tomorrow, every member of the Knicks is staying in a hotel somewhere close by and every player must be in their rooms by 10pm. Sounds crazy to give grown men curfews, but it might be what they need. Woodson told the New York Daily News, “Yeah, we’ve had those troubles and you know, we’re going to all get together tonight and huddle together. I’m not going to let them hang out. We’re going to all get together, ourselves, as a team.”

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