Hillary Clinton Supports Higher Wage, But With Conditions

Hillary Clinton who has previously opposed a raise in minimum wage has finally agreed she would be in favor of it, but with a few conditions.

Something To Celebrate: 14 States To Raise Minimum Wage By 2016

While the federal minimum wage stays at $7.25-has been that way since 2009-many states have voted to raise the wage levels well beyond that minimum. 14 states are amongst the MVPs of higher pay to come in early 2016; Arkansas, California, Michigan and West Virginia, and New York to name a few; the District of Columbia, Maryland, Minnesota and Nevada will raise the minimum wage in later months of the year. For fast food workers-who are the workers that have taken strike more than most employees due to their low pay-in New York City the minimum wage will be $10.50 in comparison to the other cities at $9.75. Hit the jump for more.

(Photos + Video) Fast Food Workers Demand More Money NOW!

In recent news fast food workers are still demanding that their pay be raised to $15 an hour. The fight for a wage increase for fast food workers continued on Tuesday morning November 10th; workers across the nation walked away from drive-thru lines and took to the streets in protest. In metro Detroit, several gathered in front of Southfield City Hall in hopes of getting officials to listen up during this election season.

The Obamas WANT Their Daughters To Work For Minimum Wage! Find Out Why!

Well, working as a production assistant for Steven Spielberg isn’t exactly starting from the bottom. However, TMZ reported Malia got no special treatment and was even asked to get coffees while on set. The Obamas want their children to grow on their own and in an interview with Parade magazine, the first couple shared how they want their daughters to work for minimum wage to build their character. Find out what else they had to say after the jump!

Uh Oh! Global Fast Food Strike, Workers Demand Minimum Wage To Be WHAT?!?!

From Philly to New York City, to Boston and North Carolina, protesters have made it clear that they want a change. The change is in pay. Many of the fast food workers, if not all, are tired of dealing with the thought that $7.25/hr is enough to live off of. Hit the jump for their stories.

Yikes! Florida Man Details Gruesome Daily Routine As A Burger King Employee

Meet Glenn Johnson, a 50-year-old man from Florida currently employed by the Burger King franchise. He’s been a BK employee for over a year, bringing in approximately $14K a year. He not only struggles with paying bills, buying food and putting gas in his vehicle, but he goes as far as dubbing his work conditions “pure hell.” Johnson shared his daily routine as a Burger King employee with Janie Campbell and it’s truly upsetting. Although now-a-days anybody should be happy to have a job, is there a point where certain jobs just deserve more money? After hearing about the talk of a $15 increase for fast-food employees, Johnson spoke out and shared some very interesting details with the world to hear. Check it out below.

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