(Video) Teen Forces Girl Into Having Sex With His 15-Year-Old Cousins And Friends

This is crazy. 18-year-old, tried to use a sex tape to black mail a young female into performing sexual acts on other males. The young man’s parents had no idea of the charges being held against their son. The boy threatened the 19-yearold girl by telling her he was going to post a sex tape of them two if she didn’t do as he said.

(Photos) Fourth Grade Teacher Arrested For Sending Nudes To Minor She Was Caught In The Bathroom With!!

Times have truly changed. Back in the day, teachers were almost synonymous with Nuns. Now, it’s not uncommon to hear of stories like this. This time, it’s 45-year-old Lesley Brown, who was caught in a unisex bathroom with a 17-year-old boy inside a Largo, Florida gym. She insisted the boy was just her workout partner, but the nude pics on his cell phone determined THAT was a lie. Unless they’re into the Kanye workout plan… More info after the jump!

(Video) Kat Stacks Talks Deportation, Being Pimped At 14, & More!!

Kat Stacks, infamous for her outlandish bird behavior, earned her popularity by exposing our favorite rapper’s dirt along with their telephone numbers. After causing media frenzies on Twitter and Worldstar, the world began to see Kat’s life unravel before a click of their fingertip. Videos of her getting beat up and rumors of her getting exploited while being drunk were all over websites, before the video vixen started to face deportation. Recently, Kat Stacks, did an interview that gave me a new perspective to her wild child antics. Instead of judging her for the obvious, I came to realize her actions were of a young girl lost. To see Kat Stack’s interview, click below.

WTF! 5-Year-Old Raped For 40 Hours In India?!?

This is just sick! A 22-year-old man is accused of raping a 5-year-old repeatedly in a rented room in India, which has the public in constant riots. There are no real rape laws in India, and cases can take up to 15 years to be brought to trial, so this guy might just be strolling the streets. Men like him are not safe to the public. Check out the full story after the jump.

Nelson Mandela Hospitalized Again!?!?!

Nelson Mandela,the 94 year old former South African President has been hospitalized again for a routine check up and doctors say there is no need for alarm. Mandela has now been hospitalized several times for minor reasons I hope all is well in the Mandela family. In January Mandela completed rehabilitation for gallstone surgery and lung infection and was gradually returning to a regular routine, we hope this stint in the hospital doesn’t disrupt anything. Mandela has not made a public appearance since 2010 and was receiving treatment in his home in Houghton a suburb of Johannesburg as reported by CNN.

(Video) WAIT..Is This Kevin Clash’s (Elmo Voice) 1st Accuser In Meek Mill’s Artist’s Video

Now you know this story was BIG! Kevin Clash, the guy who does (DID) the voice of Elmo for about 30+ years resigned, because of all the publicity behind this dude. Sheldon Stephens was the first of three accusers to expose Clash for sexual assault with a minor, and now… When Meek Mill started DreamChasers Records, he had a few artists in mind to sign on – Lee Mazin being one of them. Lee recently came out with a video and who’s the leading male character you ask. Drop down bottom and tell me that I’m not crazy.

University Of Arizona Offering A Minor In Hip-Hop?!?!

The University Of Arizona has been one of the major colleges to embrace Hip Hop and its culture but now they have taken it a step further offering a minor degree in Hip-hop concentration for the College of Humanities’ for Africana Studies. This should get some Hip-hop heads to venture out to AZ for some higher learning. The courses give a strong introduction to hip-hop as well as a broad understanding of the surrounding topics and cultures. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro Hot New Hip Hop

High School Secretary Had Sex With 16-Year-Old Boy In Church Parking Lot

A High School secretary was caught having sex with a 16 year-old student in a church parking lot! Hit the jump for the full story. steveisDOPE

Woman Arrested for Having Sex With Minor, But Check Out Her Mugshot!!!

First of all did you see her mugshot!? Second thing is did you see her mugshot!? A 48-year-old woman was jailed after she was caught having sex with a minor. click below to find out more. Posted by –> @WiLMajor

NFL: Former Bengals LB Nate Webster Found Guilty of 4 Counts of Sexual Conduct With a Minor

Former Bengals linebacker Nate Webster was convicted Wednesday of sex-related charges involving the teenage daughter of a former assistant coach for the Cincinnati team.  Read more after the jump. @Shay_Marie x @gametimegirl

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