(Video) LMAO! Is This What Really Happened With Flappy Bird?

There are a lot of rumors and talk going around about WHY the Flappy Bird dev took the popular game out of stores, well someone took time to put a video together on the possibility and it’s funny AF!

WTF!! Flappy Bird Coming Out Of App Stores?! Better Get It Now!!!

A peculiar twist on the maddening game ‘Flappy Bird‘, as the dev announced just 4 hours ago he ‘couldn’t take it anymore’, and would be removing the #1 game in both major app stores(iOS’s App Store and Android’s Google Play) by tomorrow.

(Video) RP1 iOS Gaming Controller, And More Great Mobile Gaming Accessories!! #CES2014

So I walked into this booth because I saw this controller on the wall, but didn’t see it in the booth, so when I asked where it was, they said in the back, only available to special invitee’s….so I went in the back to see it, and got some good footage of the new iOS gaming Controller RP1.

(Video) How To Block Facebook Auto-Play Ads!!

Actually This has been coming for sometime, but now that thy have announced that it’s coming this week a good bit of people are quite upset, so let’s see how we can help!

(Video) Ruzzle’s New iPad Version Does What?!

I have this app on my iPhone but I don’t play it, it’s only there because I know it’s(or was) super popular. This new iPad version is kinda dope though, a new 2 player on 1 screen situation, Dope!

It’s Official, Blackberry Is Selling For $4.7B….But Will It Help?!?

I ask because the people buying it are more about investment, and not Tech. I feel like the only way Blackberry could make a come back is a Tech company took over.

Which One Of THESE Does Your iPhone Use Now?!

Well it’s here, iOS 7, some of you have it, some of you are waiting, and some won’t get it. So we want to know, which iOS are you gonna be using?!?

(Video) Microsoft Makes Parody Of iPhone, Then Yanks It Down, But We Got It!!

Although Microsoft is in last place in the mobile movement they had time to make a parody video teasing that the New iPhones are a pointless idea. BUT then the tech community laughed at them for having the nerve to take time to make a video and not having a superior product themselves. So Microsoft took the video down, and all of this happened yesterday.

(Video) Have You Seen The Samsung Galaxy Note 3??

Well if not, you can now! Sammy has dropped the official video to the next beast in the phablet line. Introducing things like action memo, scrapbook, and a ‘smarter large screen experience’. See below.

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