(Photos+Video) Samsung Drops NEW Devices Including Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Ok what an exciting day, Samsung unveiled a couple things like The Note 3, a new 10.1 tablet, and it’s Galaxy Gear, a Smartwatch which is the latest upcoming rage in technology, ‘Wearable Tech’. Drop down, check the specs, lets see if this going to be the 2014 takeover.

YESSS It’s Official!!! The Samsung Smartwatch!!!

Samsung’s VP of mobile business, Lee Young-hee has confirmed in an interview that Samsung will be launching its smart watch, the Galaxy Gear, on September 4.

OpenTable Is Rolling Out WHAT Killer Feature??

If you’ve ever swiped a credit card on an iOS device using Square or scanned your smartphone screen to pay at Starbucks, you know that mobile payments are the future of retail. Mobile devices have reshaped almost everything we do, and along with making payments, mobile devices have also overturned traditional ways of making restaurant reservations. OpenTable, the largest online reservation service, is kicking off a new feature sure to make dining out a lot less painless. Read on to see exactly how they’re going to change the game next.

ABC Plans On Having LIVE TV On iOS Devices?!?

For the 1st time Ever, a major Broadcaster will show LIVE Local TV(at least in the NYC/Philly Areas 1st)! Starting this week, ABC plans on having a ‘Live’ Button in their App, allowing users to Live stream local Programming, which typically took a week or more to get content through the App(even the Web)…But there’s a catch! Hit the Jump.

(Photos) Canes Must Still Be In! The Scooter Store Is No More !!!

The Scooter Store made a few poor choices that caused them to be on this road. Hit the jump for the full story!

(Photo+Video) IFWT ‘Puts Them Paws’ On The NEW Galaxy S IV!!!!!

Ok Samsung Had their GSIV event at Radio City Today(Initial Pics Here), And I was there to put ‘Them Paws On It’, Hit the Jump the See the Full List of Pics!!!

The Government Wants To Do WHAT With Your Smartphone?!?!

This ia actually a good thing, For awhile now, consumers have been allowed to keep their cellphone number and bring it with them to another carrier. So why not allow consumers to bring their phones as well? Hit the Jump to see what could Happen

Can The NEW Mobile Firefox OS Take On iOS & Android With THESE Phones?!?!

Firefox OS finally got shown on a couple of smartphones. It feels like they will have to start off on some less than great ones, The ZTE Open & the Alcatel One Touch Fire will release later this year in emerging markets such as Brazil & Serbia, but won’t come to the US anytime soon, if at all. Mozilla has gone on to say we’ll see update phones in America in 2014(after some sort of success). Check out more information in the link after the jump.

Will Samsung Drop #TheNextBigThing At The Super Bowl?!?! (Video)

L-O-L, in this Super Bowl, “El Plato Supreme” commercial starring Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd and…..damn what’s the other guys name…Oh yeah Saul Goodman, come up with the best way to make this commercial 0_O, If you haven’t seen this very funny(in My Opinion) commercial, hit the jump, as well as My guess as to what #thenextbigthing is!!!

Ruzzle: The Ridiculously Popular Mobile Game Gaining 2 MILLION New Users Per WEEK!!

I’ve been seeing the word “Ruzzle” pop up a lot on social networks and it seems to be the new “It” game …on the mobile at least. Ruzzle is a social word game where you challenge friends (or strangers) to see who can find the most words in two minutes. You then score off as many words as possible with a deft swipe of the finger.Some time late last year things really took off. Ruzzle notched up one million downloads three weeks after launch, escalating to a cool five million by October, and then six million by early December. A month on? Well, there are now eleven million people playing Ruzzle – seven million on iOS and four million on Android. This exponential growth looks set to continue too, as we’re told that this number is growing by two million each week. Read more below. Russ B

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