Xbox 360 Controller Mod Made With Bullet Buttons With LEDs

Ever since the Xbox 360 has been released we’ve seen several maybe even hundreds of mods of the controller. A new mod has hit the net displaying a flashy controller made with bullets as buttons and they light up when you press them, there is also an option to build a mod with shotgun shells if preferred . The lights itself are led and can be choosen when assebling the controller. The four button option  is being sold for $20.99 and the shotgun shell Xbox joystick buttons is going for $12.99, which is more than affordable right. The entire mod is going for $259.99, which is a bit much but after the break you can see what your getting for your $259. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk Gaming: Play As Marty McFly In GTA IV Mod

Someone has decided to put together GTA IV and Marty McFly.  And its a perfect fit. The Mod comes courtesy of  seedyrom34.  Marty has all his signature pieces from the Back To The Future movie.  Most importantly the mod comes with the all important  DeLorean for time traveling. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk Hack: A Physical Gmail/Twitter Notifier???

As in you can Physically have a toy on your desk that beep’s and Bop’s around every time you get an email from Gmail, or a tweet, and if you’re like me, that thing will always go off! Hit the Jump to witness the Video. +TatWZA

(Video) Tech Talk Hack: 1 Way To Make A 2nd Screen On An Android Phone!!

I have to be Honest, I don’t think Everybody will be able to do what Modder Michael of Nootropic Design was able to do with this Audrino Hack, But Hit the Jump if you think you can try! +TatWZA

(Video) Tech Talk Gaming: You Can Modify GTA3 On Your iOS/Android Device!!!

To me it’s already Cool as hell that you can get a great looking Game like GTA3 on a mobile device, but the fact that you can Mod it, is even Better!! Hit the Jump, See the Video. +TatWZA

Tech Talk Mod: Best Home Built Computer Ever???

If your a Star Wars Fan like me, than Maybe, Just Maybe, I mean this is pretty cool, if I were 12 again in the 80’s(Or a Clone turned Storm Trooper) and I had this, I would be in heaven, Hit the Jump and see it for yourself, IF you’re as big a geek as Me!!! Just Don’t Kill your significant other IF she touches it!! +TatWZA

Tech Talk Extra: Guess How Much It Cost To Color The iPhone 4S???

So this is the same Colored iPhone 4 we showed you(@AngieMartinez‘s) and we told you Colorware was the Place to get them done BUT, it seems Colorware has the idea that it’s better to charge you the Price of a Used car to color your NEW iPhone 4S…Crazy!!! Hit the Jump to see the Price for yourself!!! WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Device: World’s 1st Windows 8 Phone???

Well yes and No, the prospect of a Windows 8 phone seems def more exciting than the 7 was, with all the inter-connectivity that Windows 8 seems to be getting, But this is actually a Hack, of the HTC Shift(which is actually a Windows 7 Phone) but still kinda Clean, hit the Jump for the Video!!! Tat WZA WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Gaming: You Can Play Wii On Your Android Tablet???

When I 1st saw this on Engadget, I thought “Alrighty Then, let’s get it poplin”, but once I read it, it’s a lot of Modder mumbo jumbo, which as Tech Savvy as I am, I’m not a Modder! But I’m sure some of the #IFWT readership, and some of My Google+ Fam are, so if that’s you, check the video after the jump!!!! Tat WZA WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Gaming: The PS3 Laptop???

You know I Love showing you Gaming Mods, usually Ben Heck, But now a Modder has given us a water cooled PS3 Laptop, yup laptop, Hit the Jump! @TatWZA

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