Riff Raff Gives Up Cocaine To Body Build

Riff Raff Gives Up Cocaine, Eccentric rapper and Ex reality TV star from Vh1’s show titles “from G’s To Gents ”  Riff Raff , is making a lifestyle change for the new year . The mad decent artist known as Riff Raff has been rapping about drugs like molly, cocaine and the abuse of alcohol for the majority if not his entire career. According to TMZ, and tweets from Riff Raff himself, Riff Raff has chosen to give up the crazy fast life to go for the sober living  drug free lifestyle . TMZ is has reported that Riff Raff went completely sober a few months ago after he got so wasted the night before a celebrity basketball game for charity that he wasn’t even sober enough to even tip toe in his Jordan’s, let alone play a full court game against his hip hop celebrity peers.

(Video) NFL: Bizarre Reaction?! Here’s What Tom Brady Had To Say When Asked About Wes Welker Drug Allegations

Everyone was shocked when the NFL suspended Broncos WR Wes Welker for breaking the league’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs. He allegedly popped Molly at the Kentucky Derby earlier this year. Welker is denying taking any illegal drugs. Well Tom Brady was asked about Wes today during a press conference & fans are talking about Brady’s response when asked about Welker’s drug allegations. Check it out & let us know what you think…

NFL: Draya Responds to Reports That She Drugged Orlando Scandrick & Caused His Suspension

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick is suspended for four games after testing positive for a league banned substance.  It was reported that the substance was MDMA also known as Molly and he consumed it while on vacation in Mexico with Draya.  Scandrick claims he did not knowingly take the drug, leading some to speculate that Draya put it in his drink (crazy).  Draya decided to respond to the claims.

NFL: Orlando Scandrick Suspended After Taking This Drug While on Vacation With Draya

Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones announced that cornerback Orlando Scandrick was suspended by the NFL after testing positive for a league banned drug.  Now we may have more details.

(Photos) Lil Za Speaks Out About Arrest On Twitter; Blames It On The Color Of His Skin

Lil Za got close to Justin Bieber in the last couple of years, a result of his best friend Lil Twist’s relationship with the Biebs. Za and Twist grew up together in Texas, and as Twist signed to YMCMB and began touring and traveling, Za was always his right-hand man. The duo’s relationship with Bieber was controversial almost from the start, as the previously squeaky-clean pop star had always been on his best behavior, and suddenly he was getting photographed with weed, getting pulled over for speeding, having crazy incidents like spitting at his neighbors…the list goes on. Whether this is the influence of Twist and Za or just Justin going through the natural transition of child star controlled by parents and a team of people to becoming his own man remains to be seen, but the public perception remains with the former, and unfortunately, perception is often reality for many. Some incidents point to the former as well, though, as Justin’s longtime manager Scooter Braun was very vocal last summer about his disdain for Za and Twist, and eventually kicked them out of Justin’s house.

LMAO: Lil Za Arrested AGAIN…While Still In Jail!

This guy is doing really well for himself. LOL! After being arrested for felony possession for what cops believe to be Molly during a raid at his BFF Justin Bieber’s house, Lil Za was just about to be bailed out jail and released from custody last night, when he “flipped out” and smashed a cell phone. Whether it’s his or someone else’s has not been made clear just yet, nor the reason behind his little fit. He was then immediately re-booked for vandalism. Winning.

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