Auto Talk: Ducati Diavel AMG Special Edition

From MotoGP sponsorship to new cars for its riders and even a co-branded speedboat, Ducati and AMG have not missed a single opportunity to promote their new partnership. And the latest is set to debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. Funk Flex Find Flex on Google +

2011 Ferrari V4 Motorcycle – Can you say MEAN!!

@klassic_p Okay fellas here’s the scenario: Your pulling this baby up to the hot spot in your city or town. The block is shut down with people & traffic. Think Diddy, Jay Z, Ricky Rose, Nikki Manaj & Lil Weezy under the same roof. Lets just say All-Star Weekend…. You notice Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Laura London, Stacy Dash & Rosa Acosta all standing out front ready to leave because they can’t get in. (this is how you know it’s a dream) They can’t but help to notice what your pushing and they all ask for a ride… Who do you ride off with?

2011 KTM 1190 RC8 R

KTM has announced pricing for the company’s absurdly sinister 2011 1190 RC8 R, and there’s plenty to get excited about. The bike will now go for a full $3,500 cheaper than last year’s model, which means that KTM has saddled the machine with an MSRP of $16,499. That number puts the 1190 RC8 R at the same price point as the more mortal 1190 RC8 (non-R), which KTM killed off for this year. @funkmasterflex

First Real Transformer???

This Bike Transforms, watch it Go!! Would You want this bike, please leave a comment!!! @TatWza @FunkmasterFlex

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