Google Says It Knows Motorola Is Putting Out Some Bad Devices, And Here’s WHY?!?!

Well this sucks. Google’s CFO & SVP Patrick Pichette said at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference that “we’ve inherited an 18 month pipeline of products that are not to the standards of what Google would consider is wow – innovative, transformative. We have to drain out that pipeline.” Google bought Motorola for $12.5 billion on May 22, 2012, so if you do the math, we’ll have to wait to until November of this year to see these “innovative” products that Pichette speaks of. You can read more in the link after the jump including an audio clip.

Motorola Working On The Droid RAZR M HD For Next Year

Motorola is looking to upgrade the current Droid RAZR M with something nice looking. A lot of people like to criticize the company when it does something like this, especially people who already bought the previous version, but it doesn’t look bad at all. Check out the specs after the jump. Tat Wza

Republic Wireless Introduces Hybrid Wi-Fi Calling [Video]

The capabilities of smartphones grow by the day; sometimes over night we develop next gen technology. Most of the time, its a new angle or approach on something that has been around for some time. With how crazy the mobile industry has grown, the possibilities are endless. Even if you were looking to harness Wi-Fi as cellular signal. Republic Wireless is in the Beta stage of a hybrid technology that could take the wireless industry by storm. Jump for details & video on how to take advantage… Tat Wza

You Gotta Hear This, Google & Motorola Working On “X Phone”!!!

Looks like Google is finally doing something about the company they spent $12.5 billion on. According to the Wall Street Journal, they’re working together on a major phone that can compete with the iPhone & Galaxy line of phones with the codename “X Phone”. Hit the jump for more details. Tat Wza

List Of Motorola Devices That Get Latest Android Update

Motorola has a slew of devices running the Android OS. They went live with a list of devices that will receive the long awaited Jelly Bean. After Google releases a new build of software they send it to the carriers to be approved for release. Sometimes carriers deny the updates or alter them to their liking, sometimes stripping them of popular features to then charge a fee for them. There are definitely some hot devices on this list. Hit the jump to see if your phones receiving the update. Tat Wza

Tech Talk Gaming: Judge Rejects Xbox 360 Ban In The United States And Germany

According to BBC news a judge has turned down ban on Microsofts Xbox 360 in Germany.  Motorola wanted a ban on Microsofts console, because  Motorola says Microsoft infringes on Wifi patents.  The judge turned down the ban because he feels Wifi is apart ofthe gaming industry. Since the case was turned down Motorola wanted $4 billion a year from Microsoft for the patent. The judge also feels that is little too much for a Wifi patent.  The courts are now looking at a new fee to charge Microsoft for the patent and technology, the going fee at the moment is 2.25 % for each console sold. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk New: Google Talks About Motorola Acquisition

Google was grilled about their acquistion of Motorola and you would be surprised about the answers they gave. Google is more concerned about the patients Motorola has than the actual, interesting. Anything to beat Apple to punch at this point right ?? Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk Mobile: Motorola Drops It’s Webtop Attachment

A year ago Motorola announced their dock concept that would be intergraded with their smartphone.  The attachment got great reviews, the problem was I dont think Motorola noticed the tablet boom that was occurring. Now Motorola decided to kill off the dock. Great idea bad timing Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk News: Motorola Wins Case Against Microsoft

If you thought the patient battles were only with Apple think again. Motorola won a patient case in Germany against Microsoft.  A judge believes that Motorola has not infringed on an app-related patent held by Redmond. Yungjohnnbravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk Mobile: Fat Joe Shows Off His New Motorola Droid Razr M!!!

Joe hit Twitter with excitement on his part, He seems hype to get a New device in his clutches, And to be honest, as I understand it, this is an Incredible Phone!!!! Hit the Jump to see Joe’s phone, And the specs that show Just How incredible this Device Really Is!!! Wza

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