Boxing: Muhammad Ali Hospitalized For Respiratory Issues

Muhammad Ali has been hospitalized for a respiratory issue but thankfully he’s currently in fair condition according to the boxer’s spokesperson.

(Video) Boxing: Mr. T Explains How Muhammad Ali Stopped Crime in the Hood

As if Muhammad Ali isn’t already considered the greatest, Mr. T added to the legend, claiming he witnessed Ali actually stop crimes in rough neighborhoods.

Boxing: Muhammad Ali Fires Back At Donald Trump After He Proposes To Ban Muslims

There is pretty much no way in hell that Donald Trump is ever going to get near the Oval Office but he is damn sure making things interesting during his campaign. His latest act of foolishness came when he mentioned the idea of banning Muslims from entering our country. His words were met with such backlash that it has his own party debating about cutting ties with him. One of the most famous Muslims in the world, Muhammad Ali, wasn’t going to stand by without throwing a counter punch and firing back with a response.

Keep Him In Your Prayers: Muhammad Ali’s Friend Says Boxing Legend’s Health Worsening

I’m tremendously sad that I have to be the bearer of bad news but according to his longtime friend, and business partner, Gene Kilroy, the boxing legend has become a “prisoner in his own body.” He says the 73-year-old former world champion has been in poor health since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1984 and since then has been slowly becoming more and more ill…

(NCAA): Muhammad Ali Shows Support For Louisville Cardinals Amidst School Sex Scandal

The Louisville Cardinals Men’s Basketball program was completely put on blast earlier this week when former players and recruits confirmed to Outside the Lines that strippers were paid to entice possible new-comers.

(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Lists His Top 5 Fighters of All-Time

Floyd Mayweather often boasts himself as TBE (The Best Ever) and he firmly believes that.  While appearing on ESPN Deportes to promote his upcoming fight in September against Andre Berto, Mayweather listed his top 5 fighters of all-time.

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