(Video) Awkward!! Online Gamer Gets ‘Sexy’ With Character In GTAV!!!

IFWT_Whoa Face Surprised Face Shocked Face

This is beyond funny(prob not for the gamer though)! When he thought no one could hear him, he really gave a stripper character from GTAV his best ‘mack daddy vibe’!!

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HOW Many Servers Does Xbox Live Use?!


Xbox Live is the #1 on line multiplayer gaming from a system, with activity that is out of this world! 48M active users takes a lot to keep up and running, but Microsoft does with ease.

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Grand Theft Auto V Sets New Record By Making HOW Much The 1st Day?!?

Boycott GTA5

CONGRATS To Rockstargames!!!!! They Beat out COD and their $500M in the 1st day record, and it’s a Doozy!!!

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(Video) Call Of Duty: Ghosts; Multiplayer Reveal!!!!

IFWT_COD New Arsenal

2 things happened today that have people talking about COD: Ghosts, 1st Eminem dropped “Survival”, which will be apart of game play when it drops in Nov(I mean that’s usually when COD drops) and they also revealed some really important multiplayer gameplay, which we happen to have right after the Jump for you!!

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EA Reveals Battlefield 4 Multiplayer

Battlefield 4

At the E3 event held today, EA showed off its new Multiplayer game Battlefield 4 by having 64 players come on stage to demonstrate. The multiplayer will feature a Commander Mode which will allow players to send commands out from devices across Battlelog.

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(Video) Tech Talk News: SHADOWGUN: DeadZone Out Now!! Multiplayer Shooter For iOS & Android!!!


Madfinger Games drops SHADOWGUN: DeadZone today & brings console like quality shooting to your phone or tablet. It also includes voice chat & did I mention that it’s free? Video after the link.

Tat Wza

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(Video)Tech Talk Re-Cap: Hot97.com Shows You What You Missed At Rockstargames Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Event!!!


If You missed the Live On-line that Hot97.com, and RockstarGames.com(played Yourself), then don’t worry, Hot97.com has put out a Great Re-Cap to put you on to what you missed, like Uncle Murda Shooting Up the Spot, Or Maino Bodying people, Or Kast One Gunning Down Everyone, OR Bobby Trends Throwing Grenades into the Crowd!!! This Great Picture in Picture Event showed All angles of what was going Down, and IF you Did Miss it, No Sweat, Hit the Jump for the Re-Cap, And Stay Tuned For the Next Event….I heard a Rumor D-Block Will be in the Building!!!!

Tat Wza

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Tech Talk Gaming: Zynga Announces New Multiplayer Gaming Network!!


Gaming giant Zynga is expanding the company with a new multiplayer gaming network. It adds new chat features and tracking methods to connect you with players of similar playing style. Check out the new gaming network after the jump.

ShottaDru X TatWza

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LIVE: Hot97 x Rockstar Games x Maino x Uncle Murda x Dj Bobby Trends x Dj Kast One RIGHT NOW!!!!!

We’ve Been talking about it for over a week, and the time is Here, But it’s Not too late, go to RockStargames.com, sign up to Play against us RIGHT NOW, Or if you’re in some type of passive mode, Just View us Right here, Right Now!!!

Tat Wza

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Tech Talk Event: Hot97 x Rockstar Games x Maino x Uncle Murda June 26th LIVE!!!!


I am Very Excited to bring some gaming pleasure to the On-line community we have here on IFWT, & Hot97.com, and there was NO Company I would rather work with than My People’s over at Rockstar Games, with legendary titles under their belt like GTA, Midnight Club, L.A. Noir, Red Dead Redemption, and of course, the title that spawned a Movie…MAX PAYNE!!!! Part 3 is out and with the New Multi-player feature….Well Hit the Jump for the Details That You Need to know!!

You can get your Multiplayer on!!!!
As you can see below, We are going to have an Event happen, that you will be able to see as it happens LIVE, as well as be apart of it!!!

In the Building(the Rockstar Building) will Be “The Mafia’s” Own Maino, East New Yorks Own Uncle Murda, The Hot 97′s Own Dj Bobby Trends, & Dj Kast One, Hosted By The Lovely Laura Stylez, AND YOU, the Reader/Listener/Gamers!!!!

Hit this Link to find out How you can do More than just watch the event, but Game against the People I just Mentioned!! GET YOUR CREW TOGETHER AND TAKE US ON!!!!!!!!

Ok You have what you need, see You Tuesday!!!!!!!!

Watch live streaming video from hot97 at livestream.com

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