(Video) The Flappy Bird Guy Is Back With ‘Swing Copters’ !!!

IFWT_New mobile game swing copters

As Dong Nguyen tries his hand at another potential addictive game, the world is wondering if he can truly recreate the ‘flappy success’? Well check out the video below to see if Swing Copters has what it takes!

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(Video) Check Out This Incredible Multiplayer Footage From Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare!!!


I’m not even gonna lie, as much as I say it looks a little like Titan Fall, It does, but it Really doesn’t! It’s like the part in Titan Fall where they running around before ‘Your Titan Is Ready’, just WAAAAAAY More ‘Advanced’!!!!

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(Video) New Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare 9 Minute Trailer!!!


Yo, Wil Major and I are in here looking at this footage like ‘Yooooo B, this is Crazy!!! Oh I can’t wait until November 4th!!!

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(Video) Watch Dogs Might Be The Most Tech Advanced Game EVER!!!!


This new gameplay trailer shows just how innovative this title is!! It’s like a mix of Saints Row, GTA, Assasin’s Creed, a little COD, even some Titan Fall in there, but all with the use of technology in today’s real life world, INCREDIBLE!!

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(Video) Awkward!! Online Gamer Gets ‘Sexy’ With Character In GTAV!!!

IFWT_Whoa Face Surprised Face Shocked Face

This is beyond funny(prob not for the gamer though)! When he thought no one could hear him, he really gave a stripper character from GTAV his best ‘mack daddy vibe’!!

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HOW Many Servers Does Xbox Live Use?!


Xbox Live is the #1 on line multiplayer gaming from a system, with activity that is out of this world! 48M active users takes a lot to keep up and running, but Microsoft does with ease.

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Grand Theft Auto V Sets New Record By Making HOW Much The 1st Day?!?

Boycott GTA5

CONGRATS To Rockstargames!!!!! They Beat out COD and their $500M in the 1st day record, and it’s a Doozy!!!

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(Video) Call Of Duty: Ghosts; Multiplayer Reveal!!!!

IFWT_COD New Arsenal

2 things happened today that have people talking about COD: Ghosts, 1st Eminem dropped “Survival”, which will be apart of game play when it drops in Nov(I mean that’s usually when COD drops) and they also revealed some really important multiplayer gameplay, which we happen to have right after the Jump for you!!

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EA Reveals Battlefield 4 Multiplayer

Battlefield 4

At the E3 event held today, EA showed off its new Multiplayer game Battlefield 4 by having 64 players come on stage to demonstrate. The multiplayer will feature a Commander Mode which will allow players to send commands out from devices across Battlelog.

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(Video) Tech Talk News: SHADOWGUN: DeadZone Out Now!! Multiplayer Shooter For iOS & Android!!!


Madfinger Games drops SHADOWGUN: DeadZone today & brings console like quality shooting to your phone or tablet. It also includes voice chat & did I mention that it’s free? Video after the link.

Tat Wza

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