‘Rich And Acquitted’ Reenacted Fatal Shooting And Scared Bystanders

A scene that was being filmed for “Rich and Acquitted,” where the reenactment of the infamous murder case with Snoop Dogg and rival gang member, spooked many bystanders nearby as they thought the shots fired were from a real shooting.

Police Offer A Few More Details About Chinx’s Murder

As we approach a year since the untimely death of Far Rockaway rapper Chinx, his murder still remains unsolved. The NYPD know little more than they did at the time of the shooting, but today, they’ve announced they at least know a tiny bit more than before. Shooting down rumors of a drive-by, Lt. Rudolph confirms that they believe it was indeed a targeted shooting, revealing that someone walked up to Chinx’s car and shot him directly.

[PHOTOS] Hollyweird: A-List Actor Johnny Depp Subpoenaed In Murder Case Investigation?!

Well in just ‘out of left’ field news, it appears that famed A-List actor Johnny Depp’s presence is being requested before the court of law. The top actor who’s enjoyed enormous success throughout his 20 year acting career, was subpoenaed last Thursday in the investigation of a murder case…

NFL: Person of Interest in Aaron Hernandez Case Killed

Aaron Hernandez’s relative/associate was killed in car accident yesterday. Investigators had planned to question the man in connection with Hernandez’s murder investigation. Details after the jump…

Indictment Charges For Hitman Involved In Lil Boosie Murder Case LIFTED ?! NOT !!!

Lil Boosie got his pass for murder, but it doesn’t look to good for the hitman. Michael Louding, the hitman Lil Boosie allegedly hired to kill Terry Boyd was looking forward to having the indictment charges of first-degree murder lifted. Judge Trudy White however, was NOT having that in her courtroom. Margaret Lagattuta, Louding attorney requested that along with another request to surpress incriminating statements made by the hired hitman. That’s what these stupid a** criminals get…you want to be all hard and tough so, your slow self goes running at the mouth to prove a point and NOW, you want what you said to be taken off of the books? HA! Once it’s said you can never take it back. Drop down bottom for more on what’s happening in this case.

Names Of The Witnesses In The George Zimmerman Case Leaked

The names of the witnesses in the George Zimmerman case have been leaked by Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda. So far there is word about whether or not the move was done on purpose or by accident. Originally information about the witnesses were to be released by number and not by name, but now the documents have been made public on November 8. There is also no word as to whether not the Judge of the case will take action against the prosecutor. Hopefully the move by the prosecutor won’t jeopardize the witnesses or the trial. Read more below. Julie A.

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