(Video) 5 Things We’ll See Now That The US And Cuba Beef Is Over

Rebecca Basulto

“What’s Beef???” Beef is no friendship, no business, no politics, no travel, no negotiations, no love, and no recognition–since 1960!!! Beef is guerrilla war, nuclear threats, overnight sneak attacks, and boatloads of the innocent literally caught in the middle. Beef is Al Pacino’s Scarface and beef outlasts 10 presidents, until now. “We can not keep doing the same thing and expect a different result” said current President Obama in yesterday’s groundbreaking announcement to overhaul the old and bitter US-Cuba relationship. Since the announcement, a lot of things have been re-examined historically and politically. But what about culture, business, and this new world that’s ‘so far gone’ from 1960? Here’s our list of the 5 Things We’ll See Now That The US And Cuba Beef Is Over…

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(Photo) Iggy Azalea Working With Britney Spears?

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea Working With Britney Spears? It’s pretty arguable that Iggy Azalea had one of the best and biggest years out of any artist out of any genre . All the Mainstream successes she has gained in 2014 will definitely lead her in as a heavy hitter off the jump starting this new year of 2015 with a bang. While doing a previous radio interview, Iggy Azalea revealed that she will appear on pop superstar Britney Spears first single of 2015. Fans will love to see Iggy Azalea Working with Britney Spears, With Iggy’s Buzz and Britney’s longevity, the world is curious to find out what Iggy Azalea working with Britney Spears will sound like. Iggy Said “We have a song that is going to be her first single next year ” and also stated “I still haven’t really got the chance to have a conversation with her ,So I’m hoping New Years will be the time I can get her in a corner “

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(Video) Lauryn Hill Performs First Concert In Ghana

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Lauryn Hill Performs First Concert In Ghana while the latest album from D’Angelo in 15 years shook the world and has the #1 slot in a chokehold, more than a few eyes are on one of Hip Hop’s most beloved female lyricists, songstress and icon. Many are dreaming with their eyes open in hopes of another legendary album drop as Lauryn Hill Performs First Concert In Ghana a few days ago. Part of “Afrobeats Big Festival” the one Ms. Hill, in good voice, style, and sound wowed crowds with her world class re-imagined set of “The Miseducation,” classic Fugees, Bob Marley tributes and eternal star power.

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(Photo) Jeremih Opens Up About The Delay Of His Album!


The last we’ve heard about Jeremih was the wild incident of him and his entourage causing $700.00 in damage at Fuddruckers. Besides that, his hit single “Don’t Tell Em” has his fans asking for more music. Apparently there has been reason for the delay on his album and the lack of promotion for the single ‘Don’t Tell Em.’
In an interview with Billboard, Jeremih opens up about the delay of his album. The artist exclaimed:”I blame myself… I had a video scheduled. I just didn’t show up to it because of…” he stopped mid sentence, “I’m not going to point my finger at somebody else at this point.” “I stopped caring about being Jeremih over the last few months,” he said. “A lot of people don’t know I have a 2-year-old son. His mom wasn’t allowing me to see him, and it was messing with me. I was internally unbalanced. But I just got out of that trial and I won.”
Not only was the artist having issue with his Baby Momma, the record label was also giving him the run around with releasing this album. “[Def Jam] is hesitating and not being on my side,” he said. “I see other artists and how they’re supported. It’s hard when I’m on a roster with Rihanna, Rick Ross and Kanye West.”
Hopefully we can get an album from Jeremih sooner than later!

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Russell Simmons Talks The Evolution of Music & Royalties


The ultimate mogul himself Russell Simmons sat down with GrammyU to discuss his personal measurement of success, the evolution and expansion of music before speaking about content. Listen to the legend speak on the expansion and influence of music, here!

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(Videos) Amazing! Watch Kendrick Lamar On SNL!


Last night on SNL Kendrick Lamar made an appearance in a hilarious skit called “Young Tarts and Old Farts.” His presence in the skit will be sure to make you laugh out loud. Following the skit, the artist performed his single “I,” as well as a song called “Pay For It.” His energy in these performances radiate through the screen. Watch below!

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(Photos) Oops She Did It Again! Nicki Minaj Get’s Slandered For “Only” Nazi Imagery In Lyric Video

IFWT_ Nicki M.Gets Slandered For Only 5

Andrea G

Looks like Nicki Minaj is all out f**ks to give, because not once…but twice she’s used historical references in her music visuals to promote singles such as “Lookin Ass”, and now “Only”. If you recall, Nick’s “Lookin Ass”, visuals and promotional tools referenced the late great activist Malcom X. Well….see what controversy and conversation was sparked around Nicki’s “Only” visuals inside.

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(Video) Kendrick Lamar Opens Up About Past Struggles With Depression & Still Dealing With It This Very Day


Kudos to artists and rappers like Kendrick Lamar. In a world where the glitz and glam of fame is perpetuated, Kendrick Lamar opens up with Houston VJ about growing up in Compton, being subjected to a lot at a very young age, as well as his ongoing battle with depression. Kendirck doesn’t sugar coat this very real issue plaguing our society, but describes that how even NOW its still something he struggles with. Peep the interview inside.

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(Video) Nicki Minaj Performs Medley Of Songs & Debuts “Bed of Lies” With Skylar Grey At 2014 MTV EMA’s

IFWT_Nicki Minaj EMA

Looks like femcee Nicki Minaj has come along way from her Queens upbringing, as she has struck it big, and now hosting the likes of MTV’s EMA show across the pond in Glasgow, Scotland. The Trini beauty brought her hosting talents A game, plus she even put on a special performance for the crowd, where she debuted new song off upcoming album, “The Pink Print”. See performance inside.

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Check Out This Teaser Of Omarion Feat. Jhene Aiko & Chris Brown’s Upcoming Single ‘Post To Be’


MMG’s own Omarion has let off a snippet of his single straight off of his upcoming project ‘Sex Playlist’! Check out the teaser for ‘Post To Be’ featuring the beautiful rebel flower Jhene Aiko, and the multitalented, Breezy, here.

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