(Video) Premiere: Pusha T ‘Darkest Before Dawn’ Film Trailer


As the new found president of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music, Pusha T reveals to the world his dark, menacing, and artistically profound trailer for the short film set to go along with his next album. Check the gripping visual after the jump.

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(Audio) NFL: Ray Lewis Releases Snippet Of His New Song And It Sounds As Terrible As You Might Expect


I don’t know about you but I can’t get jiggy to this sh*t! I have no clue who put the battery in the back of Ray Lewis to start making music but it should have stopped there. Nobody around him should have let him actually release the music to the public because, well, it’s freaking Ray Lewis and he doesn’t know a damn thing about making music. Yesterday he released a snippet of his song “Can You Stand The Rain” and even though I have no idea how the song ends, I know it’s terrible. I’m all for people stepping out of their comfort zone to try new things but this did not go well.

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(Photos) The Pressure is On for Ariana Grande And New Single


With just five days left before the beautiful yet amazingly talented Ariana Grande single “Focus” makes it’s feauture debut, the artist is going above and beyond to promote yet entice her fans.

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Dumblonde’s Aubrey & Shannon Talk, Diddy, Music & Drama


You originally know them from ‘Making The Band’ and then the girl group Danity Kane but now known as Dumblonde, singers Aubrey Oday and Shannon Bex discuss Diddy, drama and new music.

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Justin Bieber To Perform At MTV EMA’s, AGAIN!


Justin Bieber has just announced that he will be shaking up the MTV, EMA’s and he’s not ‘Sorry’ !

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Oakland Church Could Be Fined Because Of Choir Music


It appears the city of Oakland could issue a fine after a neighbor complained about a church. The city of Oakland sent a letter warning the church of noise infractions and what the future could mean for the group.

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(Photos) Can You Guess Which Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Couple Is Calling It Quits?!


Love and Hip Hop Hollywood has been a hit since it began, giving fans a close look into the personal lives of some of their favorite celebrities. Nothing is off limits when the camera is rolling and apparently the same goes for when the cameras aren’t rolling. Find out how one cast member made it abundantly clear to the world that the relationship is OVER!

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(Video+Photos) The Weeknd Brings Out Nicki Minaj For Surprise Remix of “The Hills” On SNL


During his Saturday Night Live (SNL) performance of his hit single “The Hills,” which is number one of the charts right now, The Weeknd surprised fans with the songs remix featuring Nicki Minaj. His fans got a second surprise when Nicki walked out on stage during his performance of the song.

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Rihanna Covers Vanity Fair Reflects On Chris Brown And Rachel Dolezal + Gives Update On New Album


The November issue of Vanity Fair has just hit the stands and features America’s favorite bad gal Rihanna on the cover. Rihanna opens up in a very candid interview where she reflects on her relationship with Chris Brown, opens up on who she’s dating and not dating now, shares her feelings on former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal and gives fans a status update of her highly anticipated album.

Hit the jump for more.

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Study Suggests Drake’s ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’ Album Is The #1 Illegally Downloaded Rap Album


A recent study put together by SeatSmart, served as testimony to the fact that no matter the number of streaming services that are available to fans, illegally downloading music is still a huge problem in the music industry. Despite the broad range of options including Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal, there has been no indication that illegal downloads have or will slow down in the future.

The analysts over at SeatSmart broke down illegal downloading according to genre and album and according to their findings Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late sits a number for being the most illegally downloaded album.

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