“Mob Wives” Star That Leaked Her Own Naked Pics Responds To Porn Offer

Mob Wives Chicago star Pia Rizza had a hater behind closed doors that was set to leak her naked pics for a profit, so she turned around and leaked them herself. Not only could the hater now not make money off of her, but perhaps she’d catch the attention of Playboy…something she was really hoping to do. Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way, but a porn company was actually quite interested. They offered the soon-to-be reality star $100,000 to be filmed doing the deed, and now Pia has officially made her decision. Find out if she’ll be doing porn below!

(Ladies Check The 18+ Pic!) Whoa! Fully Nude Pic Of Romeo Miller Leaks!!!

Ladies, check it (18+ eyes only though)! Romeo Miller’s “alleged” naked pic leaked today… Not sure when celebs will realize that their pics make it on the internet LOL. But yeah, hit the jump to check it out!

What A Mess! Modern Family Star’s Mom Was Trying To Shop Nude Pics For Custody?!

The custody battle for Modern Family star Ariel Winter just got a whole lot uglier than it already was. In October, 14-year-old Ariel became estranged from her mother after claims of physical and mental abuse, and went to live with her old sister, who’d been estranged from their mom for many years. Since then, the mother has been arguing that Ariel’s older sister is not a good fit for her, and that Ariel’s only making these claims because the mom wouldn’t let her date and fool around with an 18-year-old guy. It was hard to determine who was telling the truth in this case, but a new bombshell may work in Ariel’s favor if it’s true. Details below. Marisa Mendez

Punishment For Those Nude Pics? Prince Harry Has Been Deployed To Afghanistan

Prince Harry has been deployed to combat in Afghanistan for four months! It seems to many that Harry is being sent to combat as sort of a punishment for embarrassing the Royal Family and England with the leaked photo scandal. Harry’s photos weren’t even that bad, they didn’t really show much but more than enough to damage his reputation. According to a statement by a Royal Family spokesperson his pics had nothing to do with his deployment and they were taking during his last break, I’m not buying it though. Read more below. Julie A.

Snooki’s Ex-Boyfriend Speaks On Leaked Naked Pics

Snooki’s ex Emilio has always been a real d-bag…and he’s taking the latest Snooki fiasco to try and get in another 2 minutes of fame. After her nude pics were leaked to the web over the weekend, Emilio spoke with TMZ about his involvement or lack-thereof in the scandal. Marisa Mendez

Ray J Allegedly Has A TON Of Sex Tapes With Whitney Houston

According to an insider in the Houston/Ray J camp, Ray is sitting on “a ton of sexually explicit photos and videos” of himself with Whitney. Apparently he’s “been stalling” to either sell or hand them over to Whitney’s family “because he knows he’s sitting on a gold mine.” SMH as sad as it is, I truly wouldn’t put it past him to release them. The Kim K. tapes took both him and Kim to another level. I hope he just lets her rest in peace. More details below. Marisa Mendez

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