(Video) Nancy Grace Goes Off About Police Brutality!

Nancy Grace is known as the outspoken news reporter and analyzer that isn’t afraid to get loud. She went head to head with a man trying to justify the recent murders by police, and let’s just say that Nancy wasn’t having it. Hit the jump to watch.

2 Chainz Is Waiting To See If He Has The Right Qualifications To Run For Mayor!

2 Chainz is a man of many talents. Not only he is a rapper with a bunch of hit singles that topped the charts at #1, but he is also a professional Marijuana debater and now plans to add “politician” to his already impressive resume! He recently revealed in an interview with XXL that he plans to run for Mayor in his hometown of College Park, Georgia, although he has mentioned his interest in doing so in other interviews prior. When asked about participating in a rematch with Nancy Grace, the rapper explains, “I moved on, man. I don’t know what’s going on up there. I know I’ve been getting a lot of praise and everything. I definitely appreciate the love that came behind me.” He then went on to add, “I’m a musician, not a politician. I’m supposed to be running for mayor in College Park. I got everybody wishing. I’m really gonna do this little mayor thing in College Park. I’m just trying to make sure I have the right qualifications.” Would you vote for 2 Chainz if he ran for Mayor in your local city? After seeing his extremely impressive debate, I believe he would definitely get my vote. 2 CHAAAIIIINNNZZZZZ!

(Video) 2 Chainz Talks Heated Marijuana Debate With Nancy Grace, Running For Mayor & More

Rapper 2 Chainz recently got into an extremely heated debate on national television with TV show host Nancy Grace in regards to the legalization of Marijuana. He left the World Wide Web by storm due to the fact his arguments were SO well thought out and educated, revealing there might be a rematch. The “Bandz” artist stopped by Hot 107.9 to discuss the debate, his interest in running for mayor, TRUjackcity and much more. Get into the full interview below. Would you vote for Mr. Hair Weave Killa to be your next mayor?

(Photo) 2 Chainz Pot Debate With Nancy Grace Rematch ?

Lets Get Ready to RUMBLEEEEEEEE! It looks like Rapper 2 Chainz left quite an impression on Nancy Grace after 2Chainz Pot Debate. But it Also looks very clear that Nancy Grace wants to get in the debate ring with Titty Boy for ONE LAST ROUND ! did 2 Chainz accept the challenge ? Did You Miss the First Debate ? Want Pictures ? Want Details ? CLICK READ MORE ! #IFWT

(Video) 2 Chainz Battles It Out With Nancy Grace Over Legalization Of Marijuana

Rapper 2 Chainz battles it out with Nancy Grace on her show on the HLN Network on the legalization of Marijuana. The discussion gets extremely heated when the two battle it out and go back and forth over pot usage. Nancy Grace reveals that she reads all of 2 Chainz lyrics and that she also read up on his impressive educational background (he graduated college with a 4.0 GPS and had a full sports scholarship for Basketball.) However, Nancy tries to rip him about his Marijuana smoking ways and even questions him about how good of a father he is to his two little girls. The Hair Weave Killa goes HAMMMMMMMMM on Nancy and puts her in her place, letting her know that her argument is invalid and that Marijuana is not as harmful as she is making it seem. The TV personality then goes on to say that his “doobie smoking ways” aren’t good for the young children who look up to him and listen to his music (you have to hear her say this, it is classic.) Click below and check out the clip from her show. It is HIGHLY entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of it. 2 Chainz is very knowledgable!

Brooklyn Mother Killed By Baby’s Father After Argument

A argument between a couple in Brooklyn yesterday turned deadly when ex-con Joshua Knox shot the mother of his child Jashaya Stanley 6 times. Witnesses say Jashaya punched Joshua in the face during an argument and he returned moments later with a gun. The argument recommenced and Joshua ended it by shooting Jashaya in the chest. They were parents to a 3-year old daughter. Check out the full story after the jump. @Shottadru

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