(Video) Wow 715 New Planet’s Were Discovered Outside The Earth’s Solar System!

Our galactic neighborhood just got a lot bigger. NASA announced the discovery of 715 new planets. Four of those planets are in what NASA calls the “habitable zone,” meaning they have the makeup to potentially support life. NASA used the Kepler space telescope to look for planets.

Uh Oh! Beyonce Is In Trouble For Using Unauthorized Sample In ‘XO’

Looks like Bey is being a bad girl again, but we’re not talking with hubby Jay Z! Beyonce is currently in big trouble for sampling audio from NASA’s 1987 space shuttle Challenger explosion in the intro for her XO track, which appears on Mrs. Carter’s latest self-titled album. Beyonce used an audio clip of NASA public affairs officer Steve Nesbitt’s voice where he says “Flight controllers here looking very carefully at the situation. Obviously a major malfunction.” Reps for NASA have stated that the audio reflects poor judgement and is “mocking” the crews sacrifices. Click below to see what Queen Bey’s camp had to say about the controversy.

(Video) Check Out Nasa Video Of Saturday’s Spacewalk!

Two astronauts started repairs at the International Space Station. Today was the first of two spacewalks to repair a broken pump in the cooling system. To see the spacewalking video from Nasa, click below.

(Video) Did ISON Comet Survive Impact With The Sun?!

Some of you may not have known about it, but a couple of days ago the Astronomy community around the world held their breathe as the ISON Comet was on a course with the sun, which btw, could have been extremely dangerous to the earth, should the comet have caused a Major solar flare that spewed toward the earth, we could have been hit with an EMP, killing ALL electronics, which would have def set us back a few years!!

(Video) NASA Launches Rocket Carrying LADEE Spacecraft To Moon!!!

NASA’s latest robotic creation was launched from Virginia last night. The LADEE spacecraft shot to the moon, embarking on its circular trip to the moon! Where it will make three huge laps around Earth before getting close enough to pop into lunar orbit, Hit the jump for the video of its launch!

NASA Is Funding WHAT ?!?

NASA is funding a dozen imaginative tech concepts in the hopes that one or more of them will lead to a big breakthrough in space science and exploration also known as Phase 1 selections. The programs vary and are all unique in their own way. One for example aims to build biomaterials such as human tissue with a 3D printer! Phase 1 awards are worth about $100,000 those missions selected will use their money to conduct a nine month analysis study. Think that’s a lot? Let’s just say Phase 2 funds about $500,000!

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