(Video) EW: Female Struggle Rapper Makes Nastiest Video Ever

Naaaaaaaa. This just doesnt add up to me. A female ‘struggle rapper’ makes a video of her rapping and given her man sloppy toppy. But hold on theres more. She even starts sucking on her mans gun. What type of satisfaction do you get from sucking on a gun? The world may never know.

Gross: Woman Finds A Fingertip In Her Salad At Applebees

Imagine having dinner at a restaurant with your family and next thing you know you’re chowing down on a finger tip instead of a chicken tender. Well that’s exactly what happened to a California woman when she was having dinner with her family at a local Applebee’s. That’s so nasty! Check out the rest of the story after the jump.

(18+ Pics) Pumpkin Carving Tools That Are Extremely Explicit!!

Soooo this set of prefabricated carving shapes is called Pornkins and is truly not intended for kids at all, unless your ready to explain the “Birds and the Bees” way to early!!!

(Caught On Tape) No Chill At ALL! Couple Gets It Poppin’ In BROAD DAY LIGHT At The Park!

A crazy couple was caught on camera doing the nasty at a park in the daytime with tons of people around. That’s skill! Check it out below.

(18+*Photos) WTF!! Woman Busts It Wide Open For US Airways?!?

This is proof you can’t just RT a mention, you might have to actually see if you approve what’s being said with your name in the tweet. US Airways go a tweet from a young lady chick who decided to show just how upset she was at them.

SMH! Rihanna’s Ex-Accountant Throwing Shots At RiRi?! It’s Getting Nasty!

Rihanna and her ex-accountant are BEFFIN’ and the money man is now firing back in their legal battle over $9 million RiRi claims she lost while he was her accountant. He now is calling her a financially impaired moron. Accountant Peter Gounis filed the response to Rihanna’s lawsuit claims he was hired to record and manage her financial accounts. He was NOT hired for watching her shopping sprees. He admits that Rihanna SPENT millions of her own money by going on endless shopping sprees — buying roomfuls of designer shoes, clothes, and jewelry — and throwing extravagant parties for herself. He then adds she bailed on an expensive tour to shoot “Battleship,” which turned out to be a horrible idea. Gounis says, “Was it really necessary to tell her that if you spend money for things you will end up with the things, and not the money?” Gounis wants Rihanna’s lawsuit deaded!

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