(Video) #SupportThePuff: A High School Girl Is Suspended From School For Wearing Her Natural Hair

I love seeing women wear and embrace their natural hair but it looks like once principal seems to think other wise. One high school teen from the Bahamas was suspended from school because she wore her natural hair to school. The Bahamas high school principal said that the young girls hair didn’t look “tidy” and didn’t look “groomed.” After the the high school student was suspended and told her mother the situation that was at hand her mother became furious and ranted on Facebook about her daughter being suspended from school. Check out the rest of this story after the jump.

Marine Corps Lifts Ban On Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

A win for the sistaz! The Marine Corps has finally changed their out of date rule that pretty much banned black women from being themselves. Their controversial hair regulations prohibited women serving in the Corps from wearing braids, locs, afros, and “matted and unkept” hair; this ban was clearly geared towards Black Women. In the latest revision of these regulations women are now permitted to wear two strand twist and thin locs. Learn more after the jump!

(Video) Little Black Girl Hairstyle Wasn’t Professional Enough For School Principal!

In recent news teacher kicks student out of class because her hairstyle wasn’t professional!

(Video) Sheryl Underwood Apologizes After Saying Natural Hair Is Nasty And Afros Are Not Beautiful

In a real life example of the pot calling the kettle black, Sheryl Underwood made disrespectful remarks about natural hair that infuriated not only the black natural hair community, but women of all races. Since then Underwood has been scorned by the masses and called an “Uncle Tom” and a “Coon.” Now she is publicly apologizing to all whom she has offended, and is doing so in her own natural afro that she debuted on live television. See her apology after the jump!

(Video) Black Mom Creates Natural Hair Doll For Her Daughters To Raise Their Self Esteem

One Florida mom was fed up with trying to find a doll that would embrace the natural features of her three daughters. She searched everywhere but when she heard her oldest daughter Sophia began to complain about her brown skin and kinky hair she decided enough was enough and designed her daughter a doll that looked just like her.

(Video/Photos) WHAT??! Will Ditching Your Weave Make Your Man Leave?!

Love and McClea have been married for 9 years. They seem to be very happy until Love decided to ditch her 20 inch exotic weaves and start rocking the hair she was born with. Her husband doesn’t like it at all and you wouldn’t believe how he reacted on the Steve Harvey Show…

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