NBA: Zach Randolph Will Be On What TV Show?

Zach Randolph must love his pit bulls! He recently made a guest appearance on the tv shit “Pit Bulls & Parolees”. That’s the show with the little guy as the host, who standing next to Zach made him look even smaller. Check out the clip below. IamJOE357

Sports: NBA & NFL Trash Talk! Funny!!

Your favorite trash talking video is back again. Thanks to itsreal85 for continuing to make these hilarious joke videos that be having everyone dying laughing. This one is especially funny. Check the video below. IamJOE357

NBA: Kris Humphries Suing Woman Who Claimed He Gave Her Herpes!

Remember not too long ago, a woman named Kayla Goldberg tried to sue Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humphries claiming he gave her herpes? Well it is kinda hard to give someone herpes when you do not have it yourself! Humphries went and got tested after she brought that suit, just to prove she was lying. Turns out he never had herpes, so if she has it now her nasty ass basically got it from someone else. She thought she would get some quick cash, but she could not be more wrong. Now her problems are much more than having herpes, I mean even though that is a problem also. Humphries is now counter-suing her for defamation. It is obvious he will win if it goes to court, so I am gonna assume her and her lawyers are going to try and settle. Just another day for an NBA player mixed up with a gold digger. Good for him. IamJOE357

NBA: Suns Fire Coach Alvin Gentry

Can’t say I’m surprised by this, even though I do not fully blame Coach Gentry. The Suns announced a short time ago they were going to part ways with Alvin Gentry, which is usually the nice professional way to say they were going to fire him. He was 158-144 since he took over during the 2008-2009 season. Considering they play in the tougher western conference, that record is actually decent. But this year they have the worst record in the west at 13-28. Things have been dismal all year for the suns, partly because they just do not have much talent. I am sure Gentry will get another head coaching chance down the road somewhere. But for whoever takes over for the Suns for the rest of this season it is definitely going to be an uphill battle. IamJOE357

NBA: Kobe Wants Teammates To Help More, I Smell B.S.

I’m about to go IN on Kobe for this one. Let me explain first. After last night’s loss to the Miami Heat, in which Kobe did not play well on either end of the floor, he immediately went into typical Kobe fashion and tried to deflect blame. Kobe was praised the 2 games previous for playing such great defense on the opponents best player. Respectively that happened to be Kyrie Irving and Brandon Jennings. Both good young players who will get even better, but they are NOT Dwayne Wade, maybe someday they will be. Wade finished with 27 points, while Kobe offensively was as terrible as the acting on “Love & Hip-Hop”. Kobe went on to say to the media his teammates need to do a better job of getting him open and getting him easy shots so he doesn’t have to do isolation each time. Read more after the jump. IamJOE357

(Video) NBA: Tahiry Reveals What Caused Break-Up With JR Smith

Tahiry recently spoke with VladTV & opened up about her relationship with Knicks baller JR Smith. She explained the relationship from beginning to end. Tahiry spoke sooooooo nicely of JR and I kinda feel like there’s room for the two to get back together?! I mean what do I know, but it just seemed like they had something good (from listening to this interview). So what caused the break-up?! Check out what Tahiry had to say after the jump… GameTimeGirl

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