Who Would Do This?? – Needles Found Inside Kids Halloween Candy

There are some sick people in this world…a bunch of trick or treaters discovered sewing needles inside their candy bars last night. More after the jump.

(Photos) WTF?! Kim Kardashian Caught With Sharp Needles Pierced Through Her Face… SMH!

Man, Kim Kardashian really does anything to be beautiful. Not too long ago she gave herself a blood facial, now she’s comfortably piercing needles through her face like it’s nothing! Ouch. See the close up photos below!

Woman Tries To Hide Needle In Her…Yea,That Didn’t Work Out!!!

Group of people arrested due to drug possession, hit the jump to see where this lady went wrong!

Brazilian Doctor Uses HIV-Infected Needles to Keep Burglars Out

Some people use guard dogs, other use an alarm or surveillance system to keep burglars away, but a certain Brazilian doctor went for something a lot more extreme he decided to use needles infected with HIV. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiL

New Chinese Beauty Secret Looks Deadly-Because It Can KILL YOU!!

Pain is beauty. But, the newest Chinese beauty secret could actually kill you. Details after the jump. Emma Rabid

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