(Photos) Sneak Dissing Or Nah? Iggy Azalea Posts Suspect Drawing With Suggestively Racist Undertone?

Sneak dissing or nah? Iggy Azalea posts suspect drawing with suggestively racist undertone? Well…yeah, its sorta looking that way! The Aussie raptress from down under has been catching a lot of hell from fellow artists in the rap game these past couple of months…, but ESP Azealia Banks who’s been gunning for the femcee…..proving that Iggy may need to develop some tougher skin if she plans to make it as a minority in this rap game. Now I’m not sure if Iggy’s Australian upbringing is to blame, but obviously aside from the indigenous people of Australia, I’m not too sure how much exposure to black culture Iggy has had aside from what she has seen on T.V. However, when Iggy took to her Instagram late this week, fans and followers alike couldn’t help but side-eye Iggy after posting a suggestive drawing with a negatively racial undertone. See for yourself inside!

On The Up-&-Up: Judge Offers Chris Brown Praise For Drug Test’s Negative Results

The Los Angeles probation committee seems to think that Chris Brown is handling things the way he is suppose to be. The positive message was passed on to the judge and due to the good probation report, offered Chris some kudos. Since his release from jail, all of the “Loyal” singer’s drug tests have shown a negative result. At the request of his attorney, Chris’ random drug tests have been reduced from three times a week to two times a week. Check this guy out. Hit the jump to see what else Chris has been up to.

(Graphic Video) See How One Guy’s Struggle With Cancer Has Bought An ENTIRE City Together !!!

Trenton, NJ is a city that if mentioned, most likely the reaction is always a negative one. With a mayor who is not worth much, lack of government funds for the more enjoyable things in this city, and the lay-off of police officers, this small town has seen more than it’s fare share of killings and negative actions, but one person has allowed the residents of Trenton to come together for a positive impact. Brandon Sincak was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer about a year ago, named sarcoma. After three surgeries, rejection of chemo, and resources minimum, Brandon had decided that he needed alternative treatment. After exposing his disease and informing us on what happens with sarcoma, with the major support of his mother, other family members, friends, and strangers, over $60,000 has been raised to allow him that treatment. Brandon has a HUGE amount of people working for his recovery (me being one). Drop down bottom and check the video out.

About KeKe Palmer Playing TLC’s Chilli In A Biopic – Oh Yeah, She Shuts That Down !!!

No matter what you do, good or bad, wrong or right, or in this case who you look like or don’t, people are going find a reason to talk bad about you. This time, miss KeKe Palmer gets the negative side of ‘bumping gums’. It’s just been revealed that KeKe will be playing Chilli in a biopic about the group and well, some people don’t think she should be taking on this role – why you ask ? Because, she doesn’t have baby hairs. [ Do these negative commentators know that it’s called COSTUME, when you’re playing a role ? ] This “Akeelah and the Bee” actress addressed the situation at hand. Drop down bottom and see how she came for the haters. You tell ’em girl !

Tech Talk Camera: Would You Buy A 35ft Camera???

I know I just told you about the NEW Canon Wonder Camera, but today is a whole different story, which you can see After the Jump! +TatWZA

JCPenney Under Pressure Over T-Shirts

JCPenney is under pressure over some of their t-shirts. Parents are claiming that the t-shirts are too negatively stereotypical and sexist. The shirts use to be just for the girls line, but now they have extended to a boys line as well. Some of the shirts read “I hate my pretty sister” and “I’m too shy to talk to girls so I stalk them on Facebook.” Look at some of the shirts after the jump and let us know what you think of them after the jump. @Julie1205

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