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War Of The Women: Nene Leakes Calls Wendy Williams OUT – & Her, “WIG” Too!


The claws are drawn! Nene Leakes and talk show host, Wendy Williams are known to be very expressive in their feelings and this time is no different. For Wendy Williams’ Question of the Day, she asked followers: What do you think of Nene Leakes? While Wendy was looking for fans to answer, Nene decided to chime in and let homegirl known that she should be watching her back – her job may get stolen. Cat fight!

Hit the jump to see what else Nene spewed out.

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(Photos) Aww Hell Naw! Someone Vandalizes RHOA’s Nene Leakes $10K Hermes Birkin Bag & Writes What On It?!

IFWT_Nene Leaves Vandalized Bag 2

Aww hell naw. It’s going down. One of everyone’s favorite villains from hit reality show ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’, Nene Leakes should be REAL irate after having her Hermes Birkin which costs $10K RACKS defaced! However… she is a rich b*tch so I’m sure it’s just a drop in the bucket….See what the vandal wrote on the bag and who the culprit was inside, SMH.

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Say What?! NeNe Leakes And Kenya Moore Have Not Donated $40,000 Promised To Charity!?

_Say What?! NeNe Leakes And Kenya Moore Have Not Donated $40,000 Promised To Charity!?

During the filming of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore said they would donate $20,000 each to Detroit Public Schools. It’s been two months since the episode was taped and no donations from either one of them have been made. Read more on the story after the jump!

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(Photos) Throwback Thursday: NeNe Leakes Back In The Day!

Nene Leakes

Keeping the RHOA theme going, we’re wrapping up TBT today with the one and only NeNe Leakes! Check out the reality star’s throwback pics in the gallery!

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(Photo) Say What?! You Wouldn’t Believe Which Atlanta Housewife Has A Mug Shot!!

which comedian had dramatic weight loss?

She throws a lot of shade on Real Housewives of Atlanta about the women and their past, but it looks Mrs. Nene Leakes might have a little explaining to do after these mug shots have been released.
Find out her shady criminal past after the jump…

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Husbands From The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Will Have A Spin-Off Show?!

_RHOA Husbands

The husbands of the Real Housewives of Atlanta were spotted filming scenes for their spin-off show. Read more after the jump!

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(Photos) Uh Oh! Trouble In The Real Housewives Of ATL Paradise?!


According to Marlo Hampton, Real Housewives Of Atlanta cast members, Kandi Baruss and Phadera Parks, warned her about Nene Leakes catty ways but she didn’t want to listen! She saw Nene as a big sister, and Nene embraced her as her little sister. Just to show that this friendship was real, Marlo was even a bridesmaid in Nene’s wedding. Everything went south once Miss Gone With The Wind Kenya Moore became instant besties with Marlo. Nene didn’t like that!

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(Video) “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” Star NeNe Leakes Speals About Fatal Blood Clots


“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes says doctors found blood clots in her lung and it could be dangerous. Last month, NeNe was hospitalized. And after suffering shortness of breath, the doctors discovered the clots. NeNe was looking great at LaGuardia Airport in NYC and she opens up about what could have been a fatal problem.

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(Photos) NeNe Leakes’ Condition Revealed

Nene Leakes hospitalized

Earlier today, it was reported that NeNe Leakes had been hospitalized, though little was known as to the reason why. Rumors started spreading that the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star had suffered a heart attack, but she eventually took to her Twitter to give the real explanation.

“After some routine tests I was diagnosed with blood clots in my lung,” NeNe revealed in a statement. “I’m told this happened to me because of the constant traveling around the country that I do for my job. I’m thankful to be alive as the doctor advised me that most people don’t recognize the symptoms of blood clots and don’t go to the doctor and that’s when the big problems start happening.”

She has since been released and is recovering at home.

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(Photos) NeNe Leakes Hospitalized!

NeNe Leakes hospitalized

NeNe Leakes was hospitalized this week for an unknown cause, and she’s feeling “blessed to be alive.” The
“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star tweeted just one day before that she hadn’t been feeling good for a few days, and the very next day, shared a photo from the hospital showing IV tubes in her arms.

Though she didn’t share what the ailment was, one follower tweeted to her, “It’s probably from exhaustion. She has the most grueling schedule of any celebrity,” to which NeNe replied, “I work my butt off.” Unfortunately this happens to celebs far too often because they’re always on the go, most recently to Rita Ora just yesterday! Hope both ladies make a quick recovery soon!

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