Drake Joins Forbes Five List With A $60 Million Net Worth

Despite not clinching that No. 1 record spot YET with One Dance, it’s all good for Drizzy as he joins an elite class of hip-hop’s wealthiest members on the annual Forbes’ Five List.

NBA: Kobe Bryant Is The Richest NBA Player With A Net Worth Of Almost $300 Million

This should come as no surprise considering how big of a star Kobe is and how long he has played, but the black mamba is currently listed as the most wealthiest player in the league! The Lakers great comes in with a worth of about $290 million, but odds are when they do this list next year Kobe will lose the top spot. The way Lebron is selling his “Lebron 12” kicks, combined with the fact he could restructure his contract and get more money if he really wants should help him take over as the cash king of the NBA! Check out the rest of the top ten!

DJ Mustard Claps Back At Internet Troll For Doubting His Net Worth!

Without a doubt, West Coast’s own DJ Mustard is one of the hardest working producers on the scene right now. From working with rappers such as YG to pop artists such as Fergie and Tinashe, it is safe to say that Mustard is bringing in some serious bucks for his consecutive chart-topping hits. Mustard recently posted up a pensive-looking photo with a caption that read, “Thinkin bout my next millions #10SUMMERRECORDS.” A random internet troll quickly hopped in Mustard’s comments and questioned whether or not the famous DJ/producer actually hit the million dollar tax bracket yet. The “Paranoid” creator clapped back ASAP and told the person to, “check my net worth, b*tch !” Check out Mustard’s online altercation with a random Instagram user in the gallery. MUSTARD ON THE BEAT, HEAUX!

Well Damn! Britney Spears Is Worth HOW Much?!?!

Ever wondered what all those 90’s teeny-bopper’s current worth is? Well, thanks to official court documents that were released, we gained knowledge of Britney Spears current net-worth… and let’s just say that it’s not too shabby at all! Click below to find out how much the “Opps, I Did It Again” singer is worth.

NBA: Damn!! Kobe Shuts Down All NBA Players When It Comes To This

Whether you love or hate Kobe Bryant, if you’re a true basketball fan you know the man is in a league of his own. Very few players in the history of the league have done what he has. Please do not start a Jordan/Kobe comparison now, lol. When it comes to money among current NBA players he shows you just how much he is in that league of his own. The surprising part is by how much. Hit the jump to see more.

Guess Who Just Became The First BILLIONAIRE Couple In Music!

Beyonce and Jay-Z have officially joined the Billionare Boys (and girls!) Club. With Bey’s new deal with H&M, as well as her world tour, her earnings helped tip the couple over from millionaire status into billionaires. Though individually they’re both still in the millions, it’s the coupling that brings them the wealth. They’re a movement by themselves…but a force when they’re together!

DAMN, Guess How Much Madonna Is Now Worth!

She. Can’t. Be. Stopped. Over 20 years in the game, and Madonna is more untouchable than ever. At 54 years old, Madge has officially reached BILLIONAIRE status. Yes, Madonna is worth $1 billion! [Puts pinky to mouth.] Her recent MDNA tour grossed $305,158,363, her perfume Truth of Dare took in $60 million and her investments in Vita Coco and gym chain Hard Candy helped bump that M to a B this past year. Zamn, boo. Can I borrow like, $1 million? That’s all I need to be great! LOL!

(Photos) The 10 Richest Actresses Under 40!!!

I was shocked, and couldn’t believe it, check it out, The 10 Richest Actresses Under 40!!!

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