(Photos) NFL: Jets Fans Pay For 12 ‘#TomShady’ Billboards After Tom Brady’s 4-Game Suspension

IFWT_Tom Brady Jets 1

The DeflateGate investigation is over and the New England Patriots were given a hefty punishment by the NFL.  Their 2016 1st round draft pick and 2017 4th round draft pick were both taken, the team was given a $1 million fine and quarterback Tom Brady is suspended for the first four games.  Many New York Jets fans are happy to see the sanctions against their division rival and some decided to celebrate by putting up special billboards.

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(Photos&Videos) NFL: Patriots Fans Get Arrested After Protesting Deflategate In Front Of The NFL Offices


After the NFL revealed their finding on the deflategate investigation, they suspended New England Patriots golden child Tom Brady for 4 games without pay and docked the Patriots an NFL record One million dollars and also stripped them of 2 draft picks. Seems as a group of Patriots fans didn’t take the punishment as fair and decided to protest. Well, it looks like all their protesting just landed them a night in jail, Yikes!

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NFL: Patriots’ Fans Start GoFundMe to Pay $1 Million DeflateGate Fine

IFWT_Pats gofundme

The NFL handed the New England Patriots a hefty $1 million fine after the DeflateGate investigation.  The fine is the most handed to a team in NFL history.  Many Patriots fans were upset about the punishment which includes losing their 1st round pick in the 2016 draft, 4th round pick in the 2017 draft, and a four-game suspension for quarterback Tom Brady in addition to the team fine of $1 million.  Citing that the fine is BS because it’s based on “circumstantial evidence”, fans decided to raise money to help pay it off.

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NFL Owner on Robert Kraft & Roger Goodell’s Close Relationship: “Pretty Much Dead”


New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been a big supporter of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.  In fact, their relationship was cause for worry that the investigation and subsequent punishment for DeflateGate would be in the Patriots favor but the opposite happened.  Goodell came down hard and swift on the Patriots, fining the team $1 million, a first round draft pick in 2016, a fourth round draft pick in 2017 and star quarterback Tom Brady is suspended for the first four games.  Kraft said the punishment “exceeded any reasonable expectation” and was based completely on circumstantial evidence.  Now Kraft and Goodell’s relationship is reportedly inextricably broken.

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(Video) NFL: Rob Gronkowski Responds To Deflategate By Referring To His Private Parts


Rob Grownkowski, is unarguably, the party boy of the New England Patriots. And the Pro-bowl Tight-end is never afraid to give his true feelings on any topic that refers to his team. Well, we saw what Gronk thought of the deflate gate accusations when he spiked a deflated football during the Superbowl parade, but now he’s responding after the news that the NFL has come to a conclusion on defategate. Check out Gronk’s response after the jump.

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NFL: New England Patriots Draft Legally Blind Linebacker


This move has Bill Belichick written all over it. As the 2015 draft commenced saturday, rounds 4-7 went along as teams continued to fill out their rosters with the rookies the general public usually doesn’t hear about. Well in the sixth round the New England Patriots selected Linebacker Mike Wells out of Mississippi state, who is legally blind.

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(Photos) NFL: Did Tom Brady Skip Visit With President Obama Because He’s Mad at the White House?


As the Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots were scheduled for a visit with President Barack Obama at the White House.  One person was noticeably absent, the Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady.  According to the Patriots, Brady had a previously planned “family commitment” but that was proven to be untrue.  So why did the famous QB skip the visit?

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(Photo) John Legend Calls Out Bill Belichick For Checking Out His Wife’s Booty

IFWT_Legend tweet3

Belichick you dog! While attending the white house correspondent dinner, all the stars were out including John Legend, his wife Chrissy Teigen and trailing them was New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. Guess Belichick couldn’t help but take a peek at what John Legend goes home to, but Legend wasn’t about to let Belickick’s actions go unnoticed. Hit the jump to check out the pic and Legends reaction!

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(Video) NFL: Tony Romo Trolls Patriots About #DeflateGate at Academy of Country Music Awards

IFWT_Tony Romo ACM

The Academy of Country Music awards went big and held their show at the AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys.  Of course that meant there would be appearances from the home team and sure enough Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo appeared as one of the presenters.

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NFL: Aaron Hernandez Placed On Suicide Watch After Guilty Conviction


Apparently prison officials believe Aaron Hernandez is currently a threat to himself and have placed him on suicide watch at MCI Cedar Junction in Massachusetts where he will stay until he is transferred to his permanent prison. Earlier this week as you know, Hernandez was found guilty on all counts in the death of Odin Lloyd, including 1st degree murder which comes with a life sentence with no parole. Someone who has fallen so far is more likely to contemplate taking their own life rather than facing it in prison but officials are on top of it with Hernandez.

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