Ex-Jet, Bart Scott Says “The Toughest Thing About Tom Brady Is His Chin”


Ex-New York Jet, Bart Scott, who now works as a sports analyst for CBS Radio, went on a rant about America’s favorite player, and let’s just say that he did not keep it short and sweet.

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NFL Report: Patriots Cheated From 2000-2007; DeflateGate Goodell’s “Make-Up Call” For Allowing Spygate

IFWT_Goodell Kraft

Welp if you thought the DeflateGate controversy would end once Tom Brady won his appeal, you were sadly mistaken.  In fact now a report has come out about the New England Patriots prior controversy, Spygate and how it relates to the prosecution against them for DeflateGate.

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(Photos) NFL: Jets Fans Troll Patriots With ‘Cheaters’ Banner Flying Over Practice Field

IFWT_Jets fly banner

The New York Jets might be having trouble on the field but trolling the New England Patriots is one thing they’re good at and their favorite past time.  The Jets decided to poke fun at their AFC East rival by flying a funny banner over their practice field on Thursday morning.

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(Photos) NFL: After Being Cut From Team, Brandon Spikes Selling Patriots AFC Championship Ring on eBay

IFWT_Brandon Spikes

The Patriots cut ties to Brandon Spikes and Spikes appears to be cutting all ties to the Pats. The linebacker is selling his 2011 AFC Championship ring on eBay.

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(Video) NFL: LOL Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski & Robert Kraft Dance to Migos at Patriots Ring Ceremony

IFWT_Tom Brady rings

The New England Patriots are officially champions again after they received their rings Sunday night in a private ring ceremony at Robert Kraft’s Chestnut Hill home.  They had a party afterwards and EVERYBODY got down.

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NFL: Wes Welker Is Open to a Reunion With the New England Patriots


Despite a messy departure, who wouldn’t want to return to the Super Bowl winning team?  Free-agent wide receiver Wes Welker hopes to play in 2015 and said Tuesday he would be open to a return to the New England Patriots despite a messy divorce after the 2012 season.

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(Photos) NFL: Jets Fans Pay For 12 ‘#TomShady’ Billboards After Tom Brady’s 4-Game Suspension

IFWT_Tom Brady Jets 1

The DeflateGate investigation is over and the New England Patriots were given a hefty punishment by the NFL.  Their 2016 1st round draft pick and 2017 4th round draft pick were both taken, the team was given a $1 million fine and quarterback Tom Brady is suspended for the first four games.  Many New York Jets fans are happy to see the sanctions against their division rival and some decided to celebrate by putting up special billboards.

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(Photos&Videos) NFL: Patriots Fans Get Arrested After Protesting Deflategate In Front Of The NFL Offices


After the NFL revealed their finding on the deflategate investigation, they suspended New England Patriots golden child Tom Brady for 4 games without pay and docked the Patriots an NFL record One million dollars and also stripped them of 2 draft picks. Seems as a group of Patriots fans didn’t take the punishment as fair and decided to protest. Well, it looks like all their protesting just landed them a night in jail, Yikes!

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NFL: Patriots’ Fans Start GoFundMe to Pay $1 Million DeflateGate Fine

IFWT_Pats gofundme

The NFL handed the New England Patriots a hefty $1 million fine after the DeflateGate investigation.  The fine is the most handed to a team in NFL history.  Many Patriots fans were upset about the punishment which includes losing their 1st round pick in the 2016 draft, 4th round pick in the 2017 draft, and a four-game suspension for quarterback Tom Brady in addition to the team fine of $1 million.  Citing that the fine is BS because it’s based on “circumstantial evidence”, fans decided to raise money to help pay it off.

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NFL Owner on Robert Kraft & Roger Goodell’s Close Relationship: “Pretty Much Dead”


New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been a big supporter of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.  In fact, their relationship was cause for worry that the investigation and subsequent punishment for DeflateGate would be in the Patriots favor but the opposite happened.  Goodell came down hard and swift on the Patriots, fining the team $1 million, a first round draft pick in 2016, a fourth round draft pick in 2017 and star quarterback Tom Brady is suspended for the first four games.  Kraft said the punishment “exceeded any reasonable expectation” and was based completely on circumstantial evidence.  Now Kraft and Goodell’s relationship is reportedly inextricably broken.

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