NFL: Broncos’ Antonio Smith Says ‘Cry Baby’ is an Accurate Name to Call Tom Brady

IFWT_Tom Brady cry

The New England Patriots and Denver Broncos will face off in the AFC Championship on Sunday.  Peyton Manning isn’t the only one well experienced with facing off against Tom Brady, other members of the Broncos have as well and one has two words to describe him, “cry baby”.

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NFL Report: Dolphins Took Extra Precautions to Prevent the Patriots From Cheating at Foxboro

New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins

The New England Patriots have made a name for themselves as one of the best teams in the NFL for a long time.  They’ve also built a reputation as cheaters.  The Miami Dolphins took extra steps to make sure they wouldn’t become a victim.

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NFL: Tom Brady After Patriots 1st Loss of Season: ‘I don’t think I’ve ever been so pissed off after a loss’

Tom Brady

The New England Patriots suffered their first loss of the season on Sunday night in overtime to the Denver Broncos.  Quarterback Tom Brady has suffered some tough losses in his career (including the Super Bowl) but he ranked last night as up there with the worst.

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(Video) NFL: Another One?! The New England Patriots Have Just Been Caught Cheating!


It is official, the NFL drama of the 2015 season has finally surfaced. The New England Patriots are being accused of yet another cheating scandal.

Watch the video, here!

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NFL: Find Out What Team Is Trying To Have The New England Patriots Investigated, AGAIN!

The New England Patriots is easily the most controversial team in the NFL. Between Spygate and most recently, Deflategate, the Patriots have proven to stop at no lengths to ensure the team’s successes.

According to former Jets quarterback, Boomer Esiason,felt that his former team may have tried to take extra precautions and asked for there to be a sweep of the visitors locker room, a sweep for any bug devices.

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(Video) NFL: Colts Execute the Worst & Funniest Formation in NFL History!

IFWT_Colts joke

The Indianapolis Colts lost to the New England Patriots  34-27 on Sunday night and attempted a trick play that instead turned into an absurd formation that had everyone confused and laughing at the same time.

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NFL: Tom Brady’s Dad Has High Expectations For Today’s Matchup Against The Colts


Today will mark the first time that the Patriots will face the Colts, following the Deflategate investigation. It started when the Indianapolis team expressed concerns in regards pressure of the footballs used for last year’s AFC Championship Game.

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(Video) NFL: Tony Romo Tells Tom Brady “See You in February” Which Would Be the Super Bowl

IFWT_Romo Brady

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo didn’t get to face the New England Patriots last weekend when the teams met at AT&T Stadium.  But he hopes to see the Patriots again this season.

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Ex-Jet, Bart Scott Says “The Toughest Thing About Tom Brady Is His Chin”


Ex-New York Jet, Bart Scott, who now works as a sports analyst for CBS Radio, went on a rant about America’s favorite player, and let’s just say that he did not keep it short and sweet.

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NFL Report: Patriots Cheated From 2000-2007; DeflateGate Goodell’s “Make-Up Call” For Allowing Spygate

IFWT_Goodell Kraft

Welp if you thought the DeflateGate controversy would end once Tom Brady won his appeal, you were sadly mistaken.  In fact now a report has come out about the New England Patriots prior controversy, Spygate and how it relates to the prosecution against them for DeflateGate.

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