Hold Up! Safaree’s New Girl Is A Convicted Felon

Just because she looks good, doesn’t mean she is. Safaree “SB” Samuels is currently dating someone new after his split with Nicki Minaj but the girl he’s been spotted all over with recently is a convicted felon. The gorgeous woman, Zashia Santiago, a former healthcare professional was convicted for stealing private information of patients to use in a tax scam! Hit the jump for more details.

(Photos) WHOA! Did SB Move On From Nicki Minaj With This Woman?!

With Nicki Minaj and SB’s breakup now officially public, it seems that SB is picking up the pieces and moving right along…just like Nick is reportedly doing with Meek Mill. Instagram users have slowly been putting together puzzle pieces from both SB’s page and the page of a girl that goes by the name of Veronica Mac, and it seems pretty obvious that the two are spending a lot of time together. However, SB also tweeted a photo of the liner notes from Nicki’s album, showing that he not only still supports her…but that unlike previous reports, he DID help with this project, just like her previous two. SB’s name is listed as the A&R, so that means Minaj is still putting money in his pocket. Do you think this Veronica chick is just a space-filler until he and Nicki possibly work it out? I think so! Check the receipts in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

(Photos + Video) Columbus Short Speaks Out About All The Recent Drama…Plus, His New Girl Identified!

Columbus Short has not had a very good year thus far at all. He’s going through a divorce, has been arrested for alleged domestic violence against his soon-to-be ex-wife, has been arrested for assault in a random bar fight, dropped from Scandal – one of the biggest shows on television – and most recently, arrested for public intoxication. (Compared to all the other issues, that last one is merely a drop in the bucket, huh?) Last night, the actor (outfitted in his Chris Brown bowtie) appeared on Access Hollywood to tell his side of the story about the recent arrests, his pending divorce, his exit from ‘Scandal’ and more. Watch parts one and two below. Meanwhile, during his most recent arrest, he was spotted alongside a young woman that looked like she could potentially be a new love interest. Our friends over at Baller Alert did a little digging and turns out – she sure is! Dallas-based Loren Thompson met Columbus a mere 2 weeks ago when he hosted a local party, and they’ve been attached at the hip ever since – made evident by her multiple posts on Instagram of the pair cuddled up. She’s since quit her job as a door girl and is just running around with the actor, and call me Miss Cleo but…I don’t see this ending like the fairytale I’m sure she expects. Just a hunch!

(PHOTOS) NBA: Donald Sterling Has A New Girlfriend – She Has A Connection To V. Stiviano & Rob Kardashian

It looks like Donald Sterling has a new boo (do we really care though?!) — and she has ties to Sterling’s ex mistress V. Stiviano and Rob Kardashian, among other high-profile celebs.  Yea, this should play out well. SMH.  Hit the jump for details…

Sports: Serena Williams Goes In On Common’s New Girlfriend!!

Serena is one woman I would not want beef with!!  She goes hard!  Apparently Serena took to Twitter to put Common and his new girlfriend on blast. She later deleted the tweets, but of course it was too late. Serena refers to Common’s new girl as a “boy” because Serena allegedly thinks that Common’s girlfriend looks like a man (you can check her out in the photo gallery). GameTimeGirl

Eddie Murphy Takes New Blonde Girlfriend on Coffee Date

Since ending his relationship with TV host Rocsi Diaz, 51-year-old Eddie Murphy has kept a pretty low dating profile. A few weeks ago, photogs did catch him out at a Beverly Hills steakhouse, with a new gorgeous blonde woman. And it looks like things are picking up between these two lovebirds. Read more after the jump Quay

(Photo) Screw Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Has A NEW CHICK?! They’re Already Getting Touchy!!

Last we told y’all is that Robert Pattinson was taking Kristen Stewart back after allegedly cheating, Rob might have changed his mind! It’s strange because last we heard, they were moving in together. Well some say the cheating scandal may have been a hoax, but if it was – it’s definitely biting them in their behinds now! All I gotta say is, don’t mess with love folks! Kristen Stewart might not be too happy about this! Check out Robert Pattinson’s.. new chick(?!) after the jump! Biz Baby

(Photos) NBA: Check Out Kris Humphries’ New Girlfriend

Sabrina B. Kris Humphries SAYS he’s not dating the chick he was laying side-by-side with on a beach in Miami Saturday, but reportedly that’s not the case!

(Photos) Drake Cozies Up With UK Singer In The Club

Hmm…a little drunk fun or a possible new flame? While out in the UK for the European leg of his “Club Paradise” tour, Drizzy hit the club with UK singer “NY”…and the pair seem to have gotten pretty close! More pics below. What do you think?? Marisa Mendez

(Photos) Russell Brand Has Moved On From Katy Perry Already!

Looks like Katy’s soon-to-be ex husband has moved on already! The actor is said to be dating Mexican-born artist Oriela Medellin Amieiro! Details and pics below. Marisa Mendez

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